‘Hello Obby,’  Cyril greeted, ‘You marching today ?’  ‘Marching?’ Obby frowned. ‘Yes, calling for Zooma to fall?’  ‘To fall, that doesn’t sound very nice. He might hurt himself.’Obby said.  ‘I don’t think he will hurt himself,’ said Cyril.  ‘Why?’ asked Obby.  ‘Because I’m sure he wears knee pads,like the Indian cricket team.’ Cyril replied. ‘So […]

Gone Fishing

Chapter One ‘Knock Knock,’ shouted Obby. Toby opened the door. ‘I’ve told you to use your knuckles, you don’t have to shout.’ ‘Next time.’ Obby replied with a big cheeky grin. ‘I’m going fishing and I was wondering if Ollie would like to come with me.’ Ollie was wagging his tail excitedly. He was always […]


Marmalade was an unusual  name for a cat that was white. Obby knew that marmalade was a sort of orangey colour because Mrs Sibebottom liked marmalade on her toast. The jam that is and not the cat!  Marmalade is not really a jam it’s more of a jelly he thinks that is what Mrs Sidebottom […]


  Cyril was not in a good mood. In fact he was in a bad mood. “Why are you in a bad mood?” Obby asked. “Its all the politics going on”, Cyril replied. Obby remembered that it was coming up to election time for the dassies. They had their elections every three years. “Everyone is […]

Do your Best

Chapter One ‘Hello Sa’ood,’ said Obby. ‘Hello Obby,’ said Sa’ood. ‘Why you not playing cricket today?’ ‘I don’t feel like it,’ he said. ‘Are you sick?’ Obby asked. ‘No, I’m just cross,’ he said. ‘Why?’ ‘Because the teacher made me class room helper for the whole term. Nobody volunteered  except Gugu-she volunteers for everything!Her hand […]

Boat to Nowhere

‘Hello Toby,I’ve just come to say good-bye. I am going on holiday’, Obby said. ‘Holiday’? said Toby. ‘Yes, holiday’, Obby replied. ‘Where you going’? Toby asked him. ‘I’m going to England’. ‘England’? Toby repeated. Ollie sighed. He wished his owner would stop repeating words. ‘Rudy and Bobby Bear have told me that I am welcome […]

Izzy Biggins is in Town

  Chapter One It was the school holidays,which meant that Izzy Biggins was in town.Him and all his things. Nobody could say he travelled lightly. He brought his brand new bicycle,his fishing rod,his cricket bat,his goggles,snorkel and flippers. It was Obby’s favourite time of year where him and his friends got together every day and […]