Mr Big Bird

  “I think I must think about thinking about going home,” Obby said. “I think you should think about thinking of staying longer,”Bobby said to Obby. “What do you think?” Bobby asked Rudy. “I was thinking if Obby had thought about how he was going to get back to Hermanus.” “No I haven’t thought about […]


Obby knew the time was right. There wasn’t a sign or anything like that- he just knew. It was like a natural instinct. From where he stood he could see the whole of Walker Bay in its bluest colour and he thought of the magic and mysteries of the ocean and all that lived in […]

Big Al’s Knees

Chapter One “Big Al, will you be my alarm clock tomorrow morning” Obby asked. “You going on an adventure?” “No, I’m going to the hospital,”replied Obby. “Are you sick?” Big Al asked with concern,”because  if you are little fella I will carry you down the mountain myself.” “No, its Mrs Sidebottom,”Obby said,”She’s had a knee […]

A World Away in 15 minutes

Yesterday’s reading by our community reader/worker, ‘Saved by a Whale’s Tail,’ started the conversation with the children about the ocean, the southern right whale and staying safe near water-all in preparation for their next outing-a world away for many, a 15 minute bus ride into Hermanus, a walk along the cliff path and an opportunity to see a whale or […]