Angry Seagull


C47AD367-C6A5-4A7A-975A-3C07B74431FFObby and Cyril sat on the rocks watching the seagulls.

“Hello seagulls,” shouted Obby, as he waved at them circling in the sky.

They flew down and rested on the rocks close to them. They were all friendly except for one, who kept on fighting with the others when they sat their minding their own business.

“I wonder why he’s like that,”asked Cyril, pointing to the angry seagull.

“I’m not sure,” said Obby, “But when I was watching them  fly in the sky, he didn’t seem to fly as high as the others.”

“Maybe he’s scared of heights,” said Cyril, “And that could be his problem.”

“Yes, maybe,” said Obby, “ Imagine being a bird with vertigo.”

“What’s vertigo?” asked Cyril.

“It’s a fear of heights.”

They both looked at the angry seagull flapping his wings in everyone’s face.

“He doesn’t have any manners,”said Cyril.

“I also noticed”, said Obby, “That when he dived into the water to catch fish he kept on dropping his not like the others.”

Cyril looked at the angry seagull. He felt sorry for him now.

“Maybe that’s why he’s so rude and angry,” said Cyril, “And bullies the others when they’re on land.”

“If you look closely,” said Obby, “You will see that all the seagulls have left a little fish for him on the big rock.”

Cyril could see a pile of fish.

“He’s not very grateful,” said Cyril, “By the way he acts.”

“It doesn’t seem to bother them,”said Obby, “ As long as he has something to eat they seem happy enough to put up with him and his bad manners and they probably know he’s not a natural catch, nor a great flier but pretend they haven’t noticed.”

“I suppose,” said Cyril, “Like my big sister who pretends not to be scared of the dark, and I hold her hand pretending I’m scared.”

“ Exactly,” said Obby.

The End.








Mr Big Bird



“I think I must think about thinking about going home,” Obby said.

“I think you should think about thinking of staying longer,”Bobby said to Obby.

“What do you think?” Bobby asked Rudy.

“I was thinking if Obby had thought about how he was going to get back to Hermanus.”

“No I haven’t thought about that,” said Obby, “that’s why I said I should start thinking about thinking about going back home.”

“But you didn’t think about coming to England when you left Hermanus on the whale’s tail,” replied Rudy.

“Thats right, I just climbed on Elphick’s tail, without thinking where we were going. And then I didn’t think when I told him to go a different route which made him cross, and then he flung me on the ship to England. And here I am with you two Bears  in London. And to think this all happened without a thought,” Obby said with great pride.

“I think this time you should have a plan, a well thought out plan about how you are going to get back home,” Rudy told Obby.

“I don’t want him to go” said Bobby.

“I don’t want him to go either,but if Obby is thinking about thinking about thinking of going home, maybe he thinks it’s time to go home.”

“Is that true?” Bobby said.

Obby took Bobby’s hand, “I have to go home sometime, Hermanus is my home, like London is yours.”

Obby could see Bobby was sad.

“But that doesn’t mean I won’t be back, or that we will never see each other again,” Obby told his friend.

“Are you going back on the same ship?” asked Rudy.

“When I start thinking about thinking of going back, I will be thinking of flying back” said Obby.

“I think we must all stop thinking about thinking,” said Bobby.

They all agreed to stop thinking immediately. And sat quietly thinking about not thinking  and while they were all busy with their own thoughts on how to stop thinking about thinking the strangest thing happened! A BIG bird swooped down from the sky and before they knew what was happening Obby was in the air.

“Look,” shouted Obby down to his friend’s, “I’m flying.”

And there he was in the air with his arms flapping away while the Big Bird held him tightly in his  strong claws, as they swirled and swooped high in the sky.

“It’s beautiful up here, I can see the whole of London,” he shouted down to the bears. “This is so exciting. Should I ask him to give you a ride too?”

“No, please don’t.” Bobby shouted back.

“Phew” said Rudy, luckily he didn’t grabbed us, because we don’t like heights.

“Mr Big Bird, are you going to Hermanus?”

“I don’t fly to South Africa, the swallows do,” he mumbled.

“I don’t suppose you have their number on you perhaps?”

Mr Big Bird didn’t answer, he wasn’t the friendliest of birds.

“So where are you going?” Obby asked.

“I’m going to the sea.”

“That’s nice. I hope you have a lovely time. Just drop me off where you picked me up and you can be on your way” he said.

“No” said Mr Big Bird,  “I’m taking you with me and I’m going to drop you in the sea.”

“Now that’s not very nice, I don’t say horrible things to you-like I’m going to pull your feathers out so you fall from the sky. Do I?”

“I’ve got instructions to drop you into the sea,” said Mr Big Bird.

“Whose instructing you to do such a horrible thing?”

“It’s a big fella named Elphick” said Mr Big Bird, “He said, he’s come to take you back home.”

“What’s he look like?”

“He’s a big Southern Right Whale, with a white patch above his right eye.”

“That’s right,” said Obby. “So why does he want you to drop me in the water and not on his tail?”

“Because he said you must ask permission to board otherwise you won’t learn that he is the captain and that he decides where to go and not you! He mentioned something about a big ship, but I can’t remember what he said. It was a bit of a long story and I wasn’t really listening because I was thinking what I should have for lunch- I’m a bit bored of fish.”

Obby couldn’t believe it. Elphick had come to take him home.He really was a true and trusted friend.

“I have to say goodbye to my friends first.”

“You must be quick,we have a long flight,”said Mr Bird.

Obby was returning home on the WHALE’S TAIL. He was happy.

The End.








































Southern Right- Walker Bay Hermanus

Obby knew the time was right. There wasn’t a sign or anything like that- he just knew. It was like a natural instinct.

From where he stood he could see the whole of Walker Bay in its bluest colour and he thought of the magic and mysteries of the ocean and all that lived in it. He thought of all the young calves born in the bay and how their mothers proudly displayed their delight and introduced their new borns to the world by jumping in and out the water for all to see.

He too had been loved and nurtured by so many friends  after he’d lost his family in the great bush fire, where someone without thought started a fire that spread and changed so many lives forever. But he didn’t want to dwell on that because he had learnt that there were far more thoughtful people in the world who had embraced him for who he was- a little mountain boy, who lived in a cave high up in the mountains above Hermanus.

He knew he had to say goodbye to friends and that was going to be hard seeing the sadness in each other’s eyes whilst looking for the understanding and encouragement to take such a big step to venture into the great big unknown.

Chapter Two

He stood at the waters edge thinking about all the goodbyes that had been said, and all the well wishes of a safe journey, when he saw the familiar sight of Elphick swimming towards him getting as close to shore as possible for Obby to swim out and climb aboard the great big Southern Right, who along with the other whales were starting their long journey too.

Before they headed out deep into the ocean, Obby turned around one last time and saw all his friends standing on the rocks waving him goodbye- he waved whilst swallowing his tears, and  whispered, “Till  we meet again.”

The End.

Big Al’s Knees

Big Al

Chapter One

“Big Al, will you be my alarm clock tomorrow morning” Obby asked.

“You going on an adventure?”

“No, I’m going to the hospital,”replied Obby.

“Are you sick?” Big Al asked with concern,”because  if you are little fella I will carry you down the mountain myself.”

“No, its Mrs Sidebottom,”Obby said,”She’s had a knee replacement.”

“What did they replace it with?”

“A new knee.”

“Where did they get the new knee from,”asked Big Al.

“From the stock room,”replied Obby.

“See if you can pick up two for me,” he asked, rubbing, his knees.

“You also got sore knees?” Obby asked.

“Just the one knee,” he replied.

“Then why do you need two?”

“In case the other one goes flat too.”

“You mean fat,like swollen?” Obby asked, remembering Mrs Sidebottom’s swollen knee.

“No, I mean flat like a  flat-tyre,” Big Al replied.

“Okay,” said Obby, “I will see if I can get a jack as well.”

“And instructions too,” he said to Obby as he walked off in search of his troop.

Chapter Two

As morning dawned, Obby woke to Big Al banging on his door and shouting, “Wakey Wakey Matey Matey.”

“Thanks Big Al,” Obby  shouted back, letting him know he was awake.

Obby quickly got washed and dressed and ran down the mountain at great speed, only stopping  to pick Mrs Sidebottom’s favourite flowers. He had promised her he would be there early in the morning, in fact he was there so early that Mrs Sidebottom was still fast asleep; the nurses told him not to wake her, not that he was going to anyway!

After a while, maybe ten minutes or so, he got bored,so he decided he would go in search of the stock room and see if he could find two knees for Big Al. Luckily, it was easy to find because on the door written in big red letters was: KNEE ROOM. He opened the door and slipped inside, he didn’t want anyone to see.  He turned on the light and saw lots of boxes marked in alphabetical order. He scratched his head, would Big Al’s knees be under B for BIG or under A for AL- he wasn’t sure, so he thought it best to open both boxes and compare sizes. Inside were lots of different pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle, he liked building puzzles, so he took both boxes back to Mrs Sidebottom’s bed and used her tray table to work on.

The parts weren’t numbered and the instructions didn’t have drawings or anything like that, only lots of small writing in different languages, and there wasn’t even a jack in the box,  but that didn’t bother him because as long as he could put it together with enough bend that would be the most important thing, he thought.

He was so busy concentrating that he didn’t realise Mrs Sidebottom was awake and watching him.

“What you building?” she asked.

“You’re awake?” he said, and gave her a big hug. “Look, I picked your favourite flowers.”

“They’re beautiful,” she said.

Mrs Sidebottom loved this little mountain boy as if he was her own grandchild.

“What you’re building?” she asked him again.

“Knees,” he said, “For Big Al. He also needs a new knee, but I’m not sure which size.Which ones do you think?” he said, using her last bit of dental fix as glue.

“I think he should make an appointment with a vet to find out what is wrong with his knee AND I think you should put the knees back in the boxes and take them back to where you found them – before you get into trouble.”

Obby knew by Mrs Sidebottom’s tone that he must do as he was told, so he put the knees back in the boxes and took them back to the KNEE ROOM. At least he had built them for the next person-he has done his good deed for the day.

Chapter Three

Big Al was waiting for him when he got home.

“Sorry Big Al I tried, but Mrs Sidebottom said  you must make an appointment to see a vet about your sore knee.”

“I think I would rather see a Proper Doctor,”Big Al said,”What’s the name of Mrs Sidebottom’s doctor?”

“Dr Bobby Yarn,” said Obby.

Big Al looked at Obby with BIG eyes and said, “I think I will get some knee pads rather,” and with that he  was off, probably in search of his troops, who seemed to be on permanent AWOL, thought Obby.

The End.













































A World Away in 15 minutes

Yesterday’s reading by our community reader/worker, ‘Saved by a Whale’s Tail,’ started the conversation with the children about the ocean, the southern right whale and staying safe near water-all in preparation for their next outing-a world away for many, a 15 minute bus ride into Hermanus, a walk along the cliff path and an opportunity to see a whale or two…or three or four,as well as seeing the bold and bright spring flowers and all the biodiversity. And lots of dassies too.