Under the Rock

    “Cyril what you doing under that rock, I thought dassies liked the sun?”Gugu asked him. “I’m hiding from Izzy Biggins, he’s back in town.” “Well,” said Gugu, leaning forward with her hands on her hips, “If I was you and I’m not, because I’m NOT a dassie,  I wouldn’t hide from Izzy Biggins […]

The Great Pretender

“I can’t BELIEVE IT, the LAST person I want to see is the FIRST person I’m looking at!” Obby  looked towards the shore to see Gugu standing there.“Maybe she hasn’t seen me,” he said to Elphick. “I can see you Obby” Gugu shouted from the shore. “I’m not blind.” “Hi Gugu,” he shouted back, pretending […]

Mr Big Bird

  “I think I must think about thinking about going home,” Obby said. “I think you should think about thinking of staying longer,”Bobby said to Obby. “What do you think?” Bobby asked Rudy. “I was thinking if Obby had thought about how he was going to get back to Hermanus.” “No I haven’t thought about […]

Big Ben and The Bears

“Excuse me lady,” Obby stopped a young lady in a big brown coat and matching hat. She bent down to hear what he wanted, the train station was very noisy. “Have you seen Bobby and Rudy Bear?” he asked her. “Have you lost them?” “No,I’m trying to find them.” “Where’s the last place you saw […]

Letter from England

  To Cyril, I’m writing a letter to tell you where I am and to tell you I am fine.  I hope you are fine too. I’m in Southampton and arrived on a HUGE ship and not on Elphick’s tail. Let me just say I MIGHT have annoyed him by telling him  he should try […]


Obby knew the time was right. There wasn’t a sign or anything like that- he just knew. It was like a natural instinct. From where he stood he could see the whole of Walker Bay in its bluest colour and he thought of the magic and mysteries of the ocean and all that lived in […]

School on Thursday

  Chapter One It had been such an exciting day. Cyril couldn’t wait to tell Obby all about it. But Thursday was school day for Obby, so he just had to wait. So he waited and waited. For one whole long hour in fact. Finally, he arrived with a big smile on his face. He […]