The Great Pretender

“I can’t BELIEVE IT, the LAST person I want to see is the FIRST person I’m looking at!” Obby  looked towards the shore to see Gugu standing there.“Maybe she hasn’t seen me,” he said to Elphick. “I can see you Obby” Gugu shouted from the shore. “I’m not blind.” “Hi Gugu,” he shouted back, pretending […]

School on Thursday

  Chapter One It had been such an exciting day. Cyril couldn’t wait to tell Obby all about it. But Thursday was school day for Obby, so he just had to wait. So he waited and waited. For one whole long hour in fact. Finally, he arrived with a big smile on his face. He […]


  “Hello Boys,” they heard Gugu’s voice. “I’m sure she walks this way on purpose, just to annoy me.” “I don’t understand,” says Cyril, “What does annoy mean?”

Tall Story

    “Hide” says Obby “Why? asks Cyril. “It’s Gugu, she’s walking in our direction.” “Why must we hide from her?”asks Cyril. “Gugu likes to ask lots of questions.” Obby says. “I don’t think Gugu is like that at all,and its not nice to hide away from friends.” Cyril tells him. “It’s too late anyway,” […]