Mr Big Bird



“I think I must think about thinking about going home,” Obby said.

“I think you should think about thinking of staying longer,”Bobby said to Obby.

“What do you think?” Bobby asked Rudy.

“I was thinking if Obby had thought about how he was going to get back to Hermanus.”

“No I haven’t thought about that,” said Obby, “that’s why I said I should start thinking about thinking about going back home.”

“But you didn’t think about coming to England when you left Hermanus on the whale’s tail,” replied Rudy.

“Thats right, I just climbed on Elphick’s tail, without thinking where we were going. And then I didn’t think when I told him to go a different route which made him cross, and then he flung me on the ship to England. And here I am with you two Bears  in London. And to think this all happened without a thought,” Obby said with great pride.

“I think this time you should have a plan, a well thought out plan about how you are going to get back home,” Rudy told Obby.

“I don’t want him to go” said Bobby.

“I don’t want him to go either,but if Obby is thinking about thinking about thinking of going home, maybe he thinks it’s time to go home.”

“Is that true?” Bobby said.

Obby took Bobby’s hand, “I have to go home sometime, Hermanus is my home, like London is yours.”

Obby could see Bobby was sad.

“But that doesn’t mean I won’t be back, or that we will never see each other again,” Obby told his friend.

“Are you going back on the same ship?” asked Rudy.

“When I start thinking about thinking of going back, I will be thinking of flying back” said Obby.

“I think we must all stop thinking about thinking,” said Bobby.

They all agreed to stop thinking immediately. And sat quietly thinking about not thinking  and while they were all busy with their own thoughts on how to stop thinking about thinking the strangest thing happened! A BIG bird swooped down from the sky and before they knew what was happening Obby was in the air.

“Look,” shouted Obby down to his friend’s, “I’m flying.”

And there he was in the air with his arms flapping away while the Big Bird held him tightly in his  strong claws, as they swirled and swooped high in the sky.

“It’s beautiful up here, I can see the whole of London,” he shouted down to the bears. “This is so exciting. Should I ask him to give you a ride too?”

“No, please don’t.” Bobby shouted back.

“Phew” said Rudy, luckily he didn’t grabbed us, because we don’t like heights.

“Mr Big Bird, are you going to Hermanus?”

“I don’t fly to South Africa, the swallows do,” he mumbled.

“I don’t suppose you have their number on you perhaps?”

Mr Big Bird didn’t answer, he wasn’t the friendliest of birds.

“So where are you going?” Obby asked.

“I’m going to the sea.”

“That’s nice. I hope you have a lovely time. Just drop me off where you picked me up and you can be on your way” he said.

“No” said Mr Big Bird,  “I’m taking you with me and I’m going to drop you in the sea.”

“Now that’s not very nice, I don’t say horrible things to you-like I’m going to pull your feathers out so you fall from the sky. Do I?”

“I’ve got instructions to drop you into the sea,” said Mr Big Bird.

“Whose instructing you to do such a horrible thing?”

“It’s a big fella named Elphick” said Mr Big Bird, “He said, he’s come to take you back home.”

“What’s he look like?”

“He’s a big Southern Right Whale, with a white patch above his right eye.”

“That’s right,” said Obby. “So why does he want you to drop me in the water and not on his tail?”

“Because he said you must ask permission to board otherwise you won’t learn that he is the captain and that he decides where to go and not you! He mentioned something about a big ship, but I can’t remember what he said. It was a bit of a long story and I wasn’t really listening because I was thinking what I should have for lunch- I’m a bit bored of fish.”

Obby couldn’t believe it. Elphick had come to take him home.He really was a true and trusted friend.

“I have to say goodbye to my friends first.”

“You must be quick,we have a long flight,”said Mr Bird.

Obby was returning home on the WHALE’S TAIL. He was happy.

The End.








































School on Thursday


“Every child deserves a champion- an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” –Rita Pierson. Thank you to the Principal  and Staff of Hawston Primary-you are all true champions.

Chapter One

It had been such an exciting day. Cyril couldn’t wait to tell Obby all about it. But Thursday was school day for Obby, so he just had to wait. So he waited and waited. For one whole long hour in fact.

Finally, he arrived with a big smile on his face. He always looked extra happy on a Thursday- school day! In fact everybody knew it was school day for him- because he told everyone.

“It’s Thursdays, I must get ready for school.”

“I mustn’t be LATE for school, it’s Thursday.”

“It’s Thursday-school day.”

“It’s school next Thursday.”

“I’ve got homework to do before next Thursday.”

“It’s only Wednesday, I wish it was school day Thursday.”

‘Blah,Blah, Thursday, Blah, Blah… Thursday…Blah, Blah…’ It was quite annoying! But Cyril never told him that because he knew how much Obby liked school.Obviously!

He liked learning new things ‘At School-On Thursday-Ever Thursday- Once a week-four times a month, approximately forty-eight times a year-with NO School Holidays…’ Cyril had heard this all before, again and again.

But today, this Thursday, Cyril had lots to tell Obby. So before Obby could talk about his day at SCHOOL he told him about his day.

“Obby”,he said, “I’ve had the most exciting day.”He started talking before Obby had even said ‘Hello’.

He told him that he was sitting on the cliff path near the New Harbour, when he saw two bus loads of children, “There were more than a 109”, he said. Cyril stopped counting at 109, that was the highest number he counted to-Why? Nobody knew.Not even the doctor.

“They walked along the cliff path”, he said, “From the New Harbour to the Old Harbour, 5 km’s in fact. Some complained it was too far,others complained it was too short.”

He told Obby he thought it was some type of educational outing and when Obby asked him why he said, “Because they kept pointing at me,and one little girl thought there were 36 of me’s but really it was only me she saw 36 times. I also walked the 5 km’s. Look at my sore little feet, they need a good soak in salt water”.

“Dip them in the sea”, Obby said, “It’s full of salt.”

Cyril pretended not to hear, he did that sometimes when he didn’t want to hear certain things, and he certainly didn’t want to hear about him and his toes being in the ocean-the sea and him weren’t friends ever since he had slipped off the rocks and landed in it with a big fat SPLASH!

He carried on telling Obby about all the children, and how the teachers walked with them all the way to make sure they were safe, and about the Sir Principal  and his Big Boom Box and how he rapped a song and Elphick jumped out of the water to see who the new whale crier was.

He told Obby about the delicious lunch they had, and how Mr Boom Box Principal and all the teachers made sure -doubly sure- that nobody had been left out. “There was one teacher”, he said, “She was a magician because she stretched that bottle of tomato sauce from Hermanus to Cape Town. Magic at its best”.

After lunch Sir Principal  and Lady Teacher, asked the children lots of questions.

“What type of questions?”asked Obby.

“Now that I think of it”,Cyril said, scratching his head, “They were about you.”

“Me?”said Obby,acting all surprised.

Cyril suddenly went very quiet and looked around to make sure they weren’t being watched and then whispered, “I think somebody is writing stories about you and all your adventures.”

“Really” said Obby, with a mischievous glint in his eyes, “I think you’ve had too much sun”.

“I think you’re right”,said Cyril,rubbing his head, “Because  I thought I saw an Obby puppet too!”

The End.