Obby and Cyril sat on the whale’s tail bench and as usual Obby was doing most of the talking. He was talking about his trip; abroad, overseas, across the water, the other side of the world, across the deep dangerous water, somewhere beyond the horizon….he went on a bit.

He spoke to Cyril like a man who had travelled the world as he spoke of his journey from Hermanus to England. He described his arrival in a country where it was dark, cold and raining, where he found the kindness of a lady at a charity shop who gave him a hat and scarf to keep warm.

He spoke about the excitement of catching a train for the very first time, arriving in London and not knowing where to go to find his friends. He spoke about the kindness of a stranger, who took the time to help him find his friends, Bobby and Rudy Bear, and no, they were not at Paddington station, but on a bench opposite BIG Ben.

He spoke about the moment of finding them,being happy and sad, sad because they had lost their grandpa to an another world and happy because they were Happy to see him.

Journeys, adventures and sights and sounds of London, he described in great detail, as he did about his job for a week at Buckingham Palace( which really was walking a dog outside the grounds of Buckingham Palace).

He spoke about the start of his journey home, and how a Big Bird swooped down and grabbed him from the banks of The River Thames, and dropped him in the ocean where Elphick the whale was waiting to bring him home.

He spoke about his journey HOME, how he noticed lots and lots of plastic and rubbish floating about, how it made him feel sad because it was covering up the beauty of the ocean and putting sea creatures at great risk. He spoke about the beautiful night sky and wondered if the sky was getting dirty too with all the world’s pollution. It probably was.

He spoke about the things he had learnt and seen, and the friends he had missed,  ‘Yes, Cyril, I missed you too.’ This of course made Cyril very happy. His best friend was home, for now …and that’s all that mattered.

The End.












Letter to Cyril- That’s Me


Me and Soldier

To Cyril,

That’s ME in the picture!

It’s a long story but I give you the short one…

I went to Buckingham Palace and asked for a job, and the man in charge asked me what I could do.

“Lots” I said.

“I’m a good shot,” and showed him my catapult. I wanted to aim for a flower on a lady’s hat to show him,but he said “NO!”

“I can stand for a very very long time.” So I stood for a very long time on one foot too!

“I can march, left right, left right, salute and turn.” I pointed to the soldiers changing guard and wanted to join them, he said “NO.”

“I can swim.” I pointed to the palace pond, he said “NO!”

“I can hold my breath under water.” I pointed to the palace fountain, he said “NO!”

“I’m small but MIGHTY.” I showed him my muscles. He showed me his muscles and said his were bigger, I said, “NO.”

After a LOOOOOONG interview, I got a job!

This is my job.

Everyday, for ONE WHOLE week, I must walk Soldier for ONE WHOLE hour until his owner comes back in ONE WEEK’S TIME. And I get to wear a uniform for the WHOLE WEEK too!

There was only ONE condition, I had to hand over my catapult. “NO weapons”, he said.

I must go now, because when BIG BEN strikes 2 past midday I must report for duty.

Over and Out.