Letter to Cyril- That’s Me


Me and Soldier

To Cyril,

That’s ME in the picture!

It’s a long story but I give you the short one…

I went to Buckingham Palace and asked for a job, and the man in charge asked me what I could do.

“Lots” I said.

“I’m a good shot,” and showed him my catapult. I wanted to aim for a flower on a lady’s hat to show him,but he said “NO!”

“I can stand for a very very long time.” So I stood for a very long time on one foot too!

“I can march, left right, left right, salute and turn.” I pointed to the soldiers changing guard and wanted to join them, he said “NO.”

“I can swim.” I pointed to the palace pond, he said “NO!”

“I can hold my breath under water.” I pointed to the palace fountain, he said “NO!”

“I’m small but MIGHTY.” I showed him my muscles. He showed me his muscles and said his were bigger, I said, “NO.”

After a LOOOOOONG interview, I got a job!

This is my job.

Everyday, for ONE WHOLE week, I must walk Soldier for ONE WHOLE hour until his owner comes back in ONE WEEK’S TIME. And I get to wear a uniform for the WHOLE WEEK too!

There was only ONE condition, I had to hand over my catapult. “NO weapons”, he said.

I must go now, because when BIG BEN strikes 2 past midday I must report for duty.

Over and Out.







Big Ben and The Bears

“Excuse me lady,” Obby stopped a young lady in a big brown coat and matching hat.

She bent down to hear what he wanted, the train station was very noisy.

“Have you seen Bobby and Rudy Bear?” he asked her.

“Have you lost them?”

“No,I’m trying to find them.”

“Where’s the last place you saw them?”

“It was in Hermanus” he replied.

“ Where’s that?” Asked the young lady.

“In South Africa. I’m South African.” He pointed to his hat and scarf.

“What lovely colours.”

“I like your brown coat and matching hat too,that’s  why I thought you knew Bobby Bear, because his favourite colour is brown.”

‘Oh my word’ she said to herself, ‘I look like a bear.’

“Do you have their address?” she asked, after looking at her reflection in the window.

“No, I wasn’t exactly  planning on coming to England.”

“London is a BIG place, it’s going to be difficult.” She saw the disappointed on his face.“But not IMPOSSIBLE.”

His  face lite up.

“Can you remember anything they told you about London?”

Obby scrunched up his face as he tried to remember.

“They said their grandpa took  them for a walk every afternoon along the river and they sat on a bench opposite BIG Ben and he told them stories.”

She looked at her watch.

“We must go there right away.”

“Where’s there?”

“Big Ben.”

“Whose BIG Ben?”Obby asked.

“Its a BIG clock.”

Chapter Two

They arrived at the bench opposite BIG BEN at exactly 12.05 pm. Or  as Obby said, 12.05 past midday and every 5 minutes after that.

12.10 past midday

12.15 past midday

12.20 past midday

12.30 past midday

12.35 past midday

‘ It was going to be a LONG afternoon with his constant time keeping,’thought the young lady, but both to her surprise and ‘PHEW’to her  relief , she saw a little bear wearing a matching brown coat and hat in the distance walking in their direction.

“Look” she said, “ I can see a bear in a brown coat.”

“Where?” Obby stood on the bench so he could get a better view.

“To your right.”

And there is the distance Obby could see Bobby strolling along.

“It’s Bobby!” he said, as he took off running in his direction.

“Bobby, Bobby, its me, Obby.”

Bobby couldn’t believe his eyes. “Obby is that you under that hat?”

Obby pulled it off so he could see that it really was him.

“What a wonderful surprise.” The two friends hugged.

“Where’s Rudy?” asked Obby.

“You mean Mr Slowcoach, he’s late as usual.”

“How did you know where to find me?” asked Bobby.

“I remember you telling me about your grandpa and where he likes to sit and tell you stories.”

“Grandpa lives on in his stories now,” said Bobby. There was a sadness in his voice.

Obby took his friend’s hand and said, “I bet they were the BEST stories in the whole wide world. And when you’re ready I would like to hear some of them.”

The two friends looked at BiG Ben from across the river.

“Grandpa loved that clock, he used to say that even Big Ben couldn’t get Rudy to be on time,” Bobby said with a big smile on his face.


The End.