Letter to Obby


Dear Obby,

It was such a BIG  surprise when I got your letter all the way from Southampton,  England and the one from London, England too.

It’s SOOOOOO boring without you. And the only excitement I’ve had is when Granny and Alfie went missing.

Poor Mama and Papa were so worried because Alfie is only 4 and Granny’s memory gets all mixed up sometimes.

Major Dassie was called in to lead the search party, but that wasn’t such a good idea because he wore his camouflage uniform and nobody could see him. We’re still looking for him.

It was great to see how every dassie, young and old joined in the search, well nearly everybody except Davina, who only joined in after Mama and Papa had a quiet word with her and reminded her that Alfie is HER little brother and Granny is HER Granny! YOU SHOULD  have seen the LONG SULKY face as she walked along the cliff path with me, as if she was doing everyone a FAVOUR! Mama said she’s just a typical teenager.

We walked and walked ,looking and calling out for them, it was dark already, and then suddenly Davina shouted out, “ Arghhhhhhhhh…….there’s a HUGE baboon sitting in the light of the moon” and ran in the opposite direction.

“It’s Big Al” I said, “Calm down.”

Really I can’t believe that she’s my older sister, she’s such a big baby sometimes.

Big Al asked me what we were doing so far away from home and I told him that Granny and Alfie had gone missing, and he said, “No worries Squirrel, I’m on it.”

I told him my name is Cyril, and I’m a dassie not a squirrel, I don’t think he knows the difference!

Anyway, he said he would call the troops and he made this strange loud  “WA-HU” sound and the next minute his troops arrived.

“We need to find Grannee and Alfeee, Two Squirrels Lost in the Dark,”he told his troops.




Alfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… they marched off in search of Graneee and Alfeee!

It was getting late so we walked back home, I felt HORRIBLE that we hadn’t found them, BUT all Davina was worried about was she looked like a Squirrel. I told her the whole way home that NO she’s doesn’t look like a squirrel because she’s not a squirrel but a dassie and a pretty one too. Sisters!

The GOOD news was when we got home there was Alfie and Granny!  Big Al and his troops had found them in a rubbish bin near the Italian Ice cream shop.

Apparently, Alfie had climbed in after smelling his favourite ice cream, Bubblegum flavour and  couldn’t get out again, so Granny tried to rescue him and fell in.

Family, that’s all I can say. I love them but they drive me crazy sometimes, especially Davina!

That’s all my news Obby, so you can see it’s all very Boring without YOU.

I will wait for your next letter. Write soon.

Your Best Friend























Big Al’s Knees

Big Al

Chapter One

“Big Al, will you be my alarm clock tomorrow morning” Obby asked.

“You going on an adventure?”

“No, I’m going to the hospital,”replied Obby.

“Are you sick?” Big Al asked with concern,”because  if you are little fella I will carry you down the mountain myself.”

“No, its Mrs Sidebottom,”Obby said,”She’s had a knee replacement.”

“What did they replace it with?”

“A new knee.”

“Where did they get the new knee from,”asked Big Al.

“From the stock room,”replied Obby.

“See if you can pick up two for me,” he asked, rubbing, his knees.

“You also got sore knees?” Obby asked.

“Just the one knee,” he replied.

“Then why do you need two?”

“In case the other one goes flat too.”

“You mean fat,like swollen?” Obby asked, remembering Mrs Sidebottom’s swollen knee.

“No, I mean flat like a  flat-tyre,” Big Al replied.

“Okay,” said Obby, “I will see if I can get a jack as well.”

“And instructions too,” he said to Obby as he walked off in search of his troop.

Chapter Two

As morning dawned, Obby woke to Big Al banging on his door and shouting, “Wakey Wakey Matey Matey.”

“Thanks Big Al,” Obby  shouted back, letting him know he was awake.

Obby quickly got washed and dressed and ran down the mountain at great speed, only stopping  to pick Mrs Sidebottom’s favourite flowers. He had promised her he would be there early in the morning, in fact he was there so early that Mrs Sidebottom was still fast asleep; the nurses told him not to wake her, not that he was going to anyway!

After a while, maybe ten minutes or so, he got bored,so he decided he would go in search of the stock room and see if he could find two knees for Big Al. Luckily, it was easy to find because on the door written in big red letters was: KNEE ROOM. He opened the door and slipped inside, he didn’t want anyone to see.  He turned on the light and saw lots of boxes marked in alphabetical order. He scratched his head, would Big Al’s knees be under B for BIG or under A for AL- he wasn’t sure, so he thought it best to open both boxes and compare sizes. Inside were lots of different pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle, he liked building puzzles, so he took both boxes back to Mrs Sidebottom’s bed and used her tray table to work on.

The parts weren’t numbered and the instructions didn’t have drawings or anything like that, only lots of small writing in different languages, and there wasn’t even a jack in the box,  but that didn’t bother him because as long as he could put it together with enough bend that would be the most important thing, he thought.

He was so busy concentrating that he didn’t realise Mrs Sidebottom was awake and watching him.

“What you building?” she asked.

“You’re awake?” he said, and gave her a big hug. “Look, I picked your favourite flowers.”

“They’re beautiful,” she said.

Mrs Sidebottom loved this little mountain boy as if he was her own grandchild.

“What you’re building?” she asked him again.

“Knees,” he said, “For Big Al. He also needs a new knee, but I’m not sure which size.Which ones do you think?” he said, using her last bit of dental fix as glue.

“I think he should make an appointment with a vet to find out what is wrong with his knee AND I think you should put the knees back in the boxes and take them back to where you found them – before you get into trouble.”

Obby knew by Mrs Sidebottom’s tone that he must do as he was told, so he put the knees back in the boxes and took them back to the KNEE ROOM. At least he had built them for the next person-he has done his good deed for the day.

Chapter Three

Big Al was waiting for him when he got home.

“Sorry Big Al I tried, but Mrs Sidebottom said  you must make an appointment to see a vet about your sore knee.”

“I think I would rather see a Proper Doctor,”Big Al said,”What’s the name of Mrs Sidebottom’s doctor?”

“Dr Bobby Yarn,” said Obby.

Big Al looked at Obby with BIG eyes and said, “I think I will get some knee pads rather,” and with that he  was off, probably in search of his troops, who seemed to be on permanent AWOL, thought Obby.

The End.