Little and Large

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elephant cub kenya savanna
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“Do you know that I’m related to an elephant?”

“You’ve told me a million times,” Obby said to his best friend Cyril. “But I don’t believe you.”

“Well it’s true!”

“How do you know it’s true,have you ever seen an elephant? asked Obby.

“Have YOU seen one?”

“No,” said Obby.

“Then how do you know that we aren’t related?” Cyril asked.

“Because an elephant is huge and has thick skin and you are small and furry,” said Obby.

“I may be small but I have thick skin,” Cyril replied, “ My sister tells me I’m thick skinned all the time,” Cyril said proudly.

“I’ve got a great idea,” said Obby, “Maybe, we should go and look for one.”

“Where are we going to find an elephant in Hermanus,” Cyril asked Obby.

“ I know, let’s go and ask Gugu.”


Of course Gugu pretended she wasn’t pleased to see them.

“Hello Gugu, I hope we aren’t disturbing you, but we wanted to ask you a question because you’re the cleverest person we know.” Obby winked at Cyril.

“What do you want,I haven’t got all day?” she said.

“We want to know where we can find elephants?” said Obby.

“You won’t find any here,” said Gugu, “But if you go to Addo Elephant Park you will see lots.”

“Where’s that?” asked Cyril.

“It’s near Port Elizabeth,” said Gugu.

“Can we walk there?”asked Cyril.

“No it’s too far,” said Gugu, “Why  don’t you ask Elphick to take you there, I’m sure he swims past there.”

“That’s a brilliant idea,”said Obby, “You are so clever Gugu, I wish I was clever like you.”


“Hello Elphick.” Obby greeted his friend; a big Southern Right  whale.

Elphick was happy to see his little friend who had swam out to greet him, “Climb aboard Obby and I will take you for a ride.”

“Do you mind if Cyril comes too?asked Obby.

“Not a problem, but I thought he doesn’t like water,” said Elphick.

“No he doesn’t, but Gugu said she will throw him and I will catch him so he doesn’t get wet.”

“Are you sure Cyril doesn’t mind being thrown around,” asked Elphick.

“No he doesn’t mind at all, as long as he doesn’t land in the water, and anyway we are doing this for him.”

“Throwing him around?” asked Elphick.

“No, going to Port Elizabeth.”

“Whose going to port Elizabeth,”asked Elphick.

“We are,” said Obby, “With you.”

“Really,” said Elphick, “I thought you just wanted a ride around Walker Bay.”

“Gugu said you swim past Port Elizabeth, and that’s where Cyril and I want to go; PLEASE  Elphick, take us with you.”

“Why do you want to go there?  asked Elphick, who was now curious.

“Because Cyril has relatives who live there and we want to see what they look like.”

“Don’t all dassies look similar? ” he asked.

“No, his relatives look nothing like him that’s why we need to go and see for ourselves.”

“Really?” said Elphick.

“Yes,” said Obby, “They’re bigger than you.”

“You must be joking, have you and Cyril been drinking too much aloe juice again?”

“No,” said Obby, “Cyril said his closest relatives are the elephants.”

Elphick laughed until his belly hurt so much he had to stop. “Does he even know what an elephant looks like?”

“No, that’s why we’re going to Addo to see for ourselves.”

Elphick shook his head, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Are you sure you want to go all the way to Port Elizabeth?” Elphick asked, “ It’s a long long way.”

“Yes, said Obby, “ that’s exactly where  we want to go.”

Okay, said Elphick, “ Signal to Gugu when you are ready to catch him.”


Gugu watched as they waved her goodbye from the whale’s tail…” I will  send you a postcard,” shouted Obby.

“With a picture of an elephant,” Gugu shouted back.


The End.