Under the Rock




“Cyril what you doing under that rock, I thought dassies liked the sun?”Gugu asked him.

“I’m hiding from Izzy Biggins, he’s back in town.”

“Well,” said Gugu, leaning forward with her hands on her hips, “If I was you and I’m not, because I’m NOT a dassie,  I wouldn’t hide from Izzy Biggins or anyone else AND I would CRAWL out from under that rock and go about lazing in the sun as usual.”

“But he calls me horrible names,”  said Cyril, “He calls me Cyril the Squirrel.And I don’t like it ONE BIT.”

“People call me names too, but do you see me hiding away and not doing the things I love, like going to the library? “I’ve also heard you and Obby call me names too.”

“No we HAVE NOT,” he said, feeling his fur stand up on end.He hoped she hadn’t noticed that he had a guilty look and that his voice had suddenly gone all high.

“Yes you HAVE, I’ve HEARD you call me GUGU -KNOW -ALL and BOOKEYES. How do you think that makes me feel?”

Cyril looked down, he felt ashamed.

“Do you see me hiding from you and Obby?”

Before he could answer, she answered.  He wished she wouldn’t do that, answer ALL her own questions, ‘She  might as well have a conversation with herself,’ he thought to himself.

“No,” she said, “I still say hello to you and Obby, and have EVEN taken both of you to the library with me.”

Cyril kept his head down. He couldn’t look at her. He felt embarrassed. He wished he had crawled deeper under the rock, so she hadn’t seen him in the first place.

“Also,” she said, “I feel VERY SORRY for Izzy Biggins and all his name calling because he doesn’t know how to make friends, so he’s pretending he doesn’t need any,” she stopped and lowered her voice, “Between you and me  I think he is very lonely and unhappy.”

Now Cyril felt sorry for LONELY and UNHAPPY Izzy Biggins. Really all he wanted to do was hide away from him, and NOW he’s the ONE feeling bad! ‘ It wasn’t supposed to be like this,’ he thought to himself. ‘It’s not fair.And on top of all of this Gugu knows that he and Obby are name callers too!”

“ Sooooo,” said Gugu, “ Are you going to CRAWL out from under that rock?”

“Yes,” said Cyril, “As soon as you’re gone.”

“I will be BACK Cyril AND I want to see you on top of the rock, not hiding away from the world.”

“Yes Gugu,” he said.

Cyril let out a big sigh as he watched her walk off towards the library,  ‘PHEW, she’s bossy,’ he whispered under his breath.

He crawled out from under the rock;  in the distance he saw Izzy Biggins sitting all alone, so he decided to go and say ‘Hello’.

The End