Letter to Cyril- That’s Me

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Me and Soldier

To Cyril,

That’s ME in the picture!

It’s a long story but I give you the short one…

I went to Buckingham Palace and asked for a job, and the man in charge asked me what I could do.

“Lots” I said.

“I’m a good shot,” and showed him my catapult. I wanted to aim for a flower on a lady’s hat to show him,but he said “NO!”

“I can stand for a very very long time.” So I stood for a very long time on one foot too!

“I can march, left right, left right, salute and turn.” I pointed to the soldiers changing guard and wanted to join them, he said “NO.”

“I can swim.” I pointed to the palace pond, he said “NO!”

“I can hold my breath under water.” I pointed to the palace fountain, he said “NO!”

“I’m small but MIGHTY.” I showed him my muscles. He showed me his muscles and said his were bigger, I said, “NO.”

After a LOOOOOONG interview, I got a job!

This is my job.

Everyday, for ONE WHOLE week, I must walk Soldier for ONE WHOLE hour until his owner comes back in ONE WEEK’S TIME. And I get to wear a uniform for the WHOLE WEEK too!

There was only ONE condition, I had to hand over my catapult. “NO weapons”, he said.

I must go now, because when BIG BEN strikes 2 past midday I must report for duty.

Over and Out.