Letter from England

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To Cyril,

I’m writing a letter to tell you where I am and to tell you I am fine.  I hope you are fine too.

I’m in Southampton and arrived on a HUGE ship and not on Elphick’s tail. Let me just say I MIGHT have annoyed him by telling him  he should try another route to the Antarctic because after that I found myself flying in the air like a cannon ball and landing on the deck of a passing ship.

When I got off the ship and still wearing my wobbly sea legs a man in uniform asked me for a passport, luckily I had the Hermanus Info booklet and I gave it to him,  he paged through it and looked at me and then stamped it. So I think it can be used as a passport as well. You must remember that when you travel one day Cyril.

It rains a lot here and it’s cold. Do you know that it’s winter here? Not like in Hermanus where it’s summer. That’s because I’m in the Northern  Hemisphere  and you are in the Southern Hemisphere but don’t worry we are under the same sky, think of it as a big umbrella that we are sharing.

I met a lovely lady  at the charity shop where I got a pair of boots, a woolly hat and a scarf. First time I’ve owned shoes. It’s very exciting. She’s knitting me a scarf and hat in the colours of the South African flag  so I don’t have to wear the MANCHESTER UNITED hat and ARSENAL scarf for long because I’ve noticed a lot of finger signals when I wear them, and when I told the lady  she said I mustn’t worry as long as I’m  warm but I did notice her knitting sticks going much faster.

I will write again when I’m in London. Do you know that Southampton is in England? The lady at the shop told me that London is also in England and so I thought I would go to London and find Rudy and Bobby Bear, you remember them, they came on holiday to Hermanus.? I think they know the Queen too because I remember Bobby Bear saying he must send the queen a post card after he fell off his bicycle and hit his head.

Say HELLO to all my friends at Hawston Primary.

Your Best Friend