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Southern Right- Walker Bay Hermanus

Obby knew the time was right. There wasn’t a sign or anything like that- he just knew. It was like a natural instinct.

From where he stood he could see the whole of Walker Bay in its bluest colour and he thought of the magic and mysteries of the ocean and all that lived in it. He thought of all the young calves born in the bay and how their mothers proudly displayed their delight and introduced their new borns to the world by jumping in and out the water for all to see.

He too had been loved and nurtured by so many friends  after he’d lost his family in the great bush fire, where someone without thought started a fire that spread and changed so many lives forever. But he didn’t want to dwell on that because he had learnt that there were far more thoughtful people in the world who had embraced him for who he was- a little mountain boy, who lived in a cave high up in the mountains above Hermanus.

He knew he had to say goodbye to friends and that was going to be hard seeing the sadness in each other’s eyes whilst looking for the understanding and encouragement to take such a big step to venture into the great big unknown.

Chapter Two

He stood at the waters edge thinking about all the goodbyes that had been said, and all the well wishes of a safe journey, when he saw the familiar sight of Elphick swimming towards him getting as close to shore as possible for Obby to swim out and climb aboard the great big Southern Right, who along with the other whales were starting their long journey too.

Before they headed out deep into the ocean, Obby turned around one last time and saw all his friends standing on the rocks waving him goodbye- he waved whilst swallowing his tears, and  whispered, “Till  we meet again.”

The End.

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