Doing The Right Thing

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Obby decided to take one last ride on Mrs Sidebottom’s scooter.The time had come for him to OFFICIALLY  hand it back, not that he had ever OFFICIALLY asked if he could use it in the first place.

It wasn’t an easy decision to give it up because he loved speeding around on it and it was FUN with a BIG capital F! But having fun on something like a mobility scooter which was really meant for people who couldn’t walk as fast and far as he could with his 4×4 toes- he looked and admired his big strong toes, four on each foot, PERFECT- wasn’t right.

But today was the day he HAD to,MUST do,NEEDED  to do,  return the scooter. It was the day NOT to look for excuses. And he knew in his heart that Mr Goody was right to write letters to him to remind him that he shouldn’t be using it or as he put it in a BIG WORD – refrain from using it, with immediate effect. Obby giggled to himself as he repeated the BIG WORD- REFRAIN. That reminded him that once he had returned it he must NOTIFY Mr Goody that he had STOPPED using it with IMMEDIATE effect.He looked forward to writing the letter. But first things first, one last ride.

His last ride wasn’t like he had imagined , where he thought he would go as fast as he could, it was the slowest ride he had ever taken , in fact it was so slow that an old man on a scooter just like his overtook him. But it didn’t worry him, not today, because today he knew that he was giving up something he really enjoyed, returning something back to its rightful owner AND it felt better than any ride he had ever taken.

The END.




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