Going Home

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“Sometimes you don’t think about how much you are going to miss someone until they’ve gone away,” thought Obby.

Today he was feeling a little sad. He wiped the tears from his cheeks as he thought of  his friend Toby, who had returned to his country, which was now safe.

People referred to him as the refugee boy, but to Obby he was simply a boy, and a friend who never complained and always tried his best.

He was so proud when he finally got a passport that allowed him to travel home and his uncle travelled to South Africa to take him back, to his country of birth. He cried when he saw his brother’s son and when he looked into his eyes he saw the resemblance of his late brother. The last time he had seen Toby he was a small boy – just before the war. Now before him stood a young man.

At the farewell party, Toby spoke about his journey and the loss of his parents when their boat was struck by a wave and how their guiding spirit filled with love lead him far south to the little town of Hermanus -where he met such caring and loving people-especially Uncle Yitzhak.

Obby couldn’t believe how many people came to Toby’s farewell, young and old from all different communities, some dressed in their traditional clothes. The farewell  turned into a celebration of love as everyone wished Toby well on his new journey- his return home.

Before Toby left he sat with Obby on the whales tail bench, he didn’t say much but Obby knew that just sitting together as friends in silence was a moment not to be lost. Before his final goodbye, he said to Obby, ” I told Uncle Yitzhak you will visit him and Ollie- they will like that.”

Obby wiped his face as he walked to Uncle Yitzhak’s house.

The End.





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  1. What a lovely story, very soul full. Full of love for a little refugee boy, love and no prejudice what a wonderful world it can be. 😊

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