Tall Story

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“Hide” says Obby

“Why? asks Cyril.

“It’s Gugu, she’s walking in our direction.”

“Why must we hide from her?”asks Cyril.

“Gugu likes to ask lots of questions.” Obby says.

“I don’t think Gugu is like that at all,and its not nice to hide away from friends.” Cyril tells him.

“It’s too late anyway,” says Obby, “She’s seen us- look she’s waving.”

“Hello Gugu,” Obby  greets her with a big smile.

He didn’t want her to think they weren’t pleased to see her.That wouldn’t be very nice. In fact it would be rude.

“Good morning boy’s,” she stops to greet them, putting down her bag full of books.

“That’s a heavy bag,” Cyril comments.

“It’s full of library books, I’ve taken out another four books,” she says.

They knew Gugu was a keen reader and loved spending time in the library-because she told everyone!

“What books you’re reading?”she asks them.

Cyril froze, “Oh no, maybe they should’ve hidden after all,” he thinks.

Obby not wanting to be out done by Gugu answers, “I’m reading four books too.”

Cyril looks at Obby in complete surprise with raised eyebrows.

“That’s good,” Gugu says, “What are they about?”

“One is about the Southern Right Whale, the other is about the Northern Left Whale,and the third one is about the Eastern Right Whale, and the last one..”

Gugu is looking at him with her mouth pulled to the side and rolling her eyes, with one hand on her hip. She couldn’t stop herself from interrupting… “Let me guess,” she says, “It’s about the Western Left Whale.”

“Yes,” says Obby, “Have you read it?”

“I don’t have words, I just don’t have words,” says Gugu.

“She always has words,” thinks  Obby.

She then turns to Cyril and asks him what he’s reading.

Poor Cyril, not one for being good  under pressure can feel his cheeks getting hotter and hotter.

Obby looks at him with a mischievous grin, “Tell her Cyril what you’re reading.”

Cyril speaks without thinking, “I’m reading five books.”

Gugu is impressed.

“That’s great Cyril,” she says, “What they’re about?”

“They’re about fish,” he says, “Southern Right Fish,Northern left Fish , Eastern Right Fish and Western Left Fish,” he says.

“And the fifth book?” Gugu asks getting impatient.

“It’s a Fishy story,” he says.

Gugu looks at them with narrow eyes, shakes her head and sighs before picking up her bag and says to them, “You both should read TALL STORIES, you will enjoy it!” and walks off books and all.

“What did she just say?” Cyril asks.

“Something about reading Tall Stories,” Obby replys.

“Maybe we should go to the library and take it out,” says Cyril.

“That’s a good idea, and we can say Gugu recommended it,” says Obby.





  1. I love this story it really made me chuckle especially the the rights and lefts. What a lovely pair of characters 😊. Tall stories too 😊

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