67 Minutes

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“Hello Obby,” said Cyril, “What did you do for Mandela Day?”

“I helped Ma Miliswa in her soup kitchen for 67 minutes.”

“That’s good,” said Cyril.

“Ma Miliswa said I was such a good helper,” Obby said with great pride,”And asked if I could help her twice a week.”

“Thats a lot of 67 minutes,” Cyril said.

“But there are lots of hungry people too,” replied Obby, “Because lots of them can’t find jobs to feed their families.”

“Let there be work, bread,water and salt for all.” Obby quoted Nelson Mandela.






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  1. That is a wonderful story on Mandela day. About being aware that not everybody is being fed or supplied with fresh drinking water. Again this writer comes across with compassion and a heart. 😊

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