Saved by a Whales Tail

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Cyril sitting on the rocks in Hermanus

“It’s great to have Elphick back,” said Obby.

They watched Elphick playing in the bay.

“He’s a bit of a show-off,” said Obby, “Look at him jumping out the water and making a big splash.”

“He’s a bit like you,” said Cyril.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Said Obby, “I’m going to say hello.” And with that he took off his cape and dived off the rocks.

“Welcome back,” he said to the big Southern Right Whale. Elphick was happy to see him and lowered his giant body for Obby to climb onboard.

Cyril wished he could swim as he watched Elphick and Obby having such great fun, but ever since he had slipped off the rocks and fallen into the sea he’s been scared of water. “That was the worst day of my entire life, I thought I was going to die,” he said to himself.

Elphick  had saved him. He had scooped Cyril out of the water with his tail and catapulted him back to land,like a cannon ball.

He never told anybody about that day, who would have believed him anyway- a dassie without a grip.That was the last time he had a pedicure, safer to have sand paper feet and long toe-nails! Anyway it was between Elphick and him.

He waved as Elphick swam past, with Obby on his tail, waving at everybody.

“Show off,” Cyril shouted.





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