Mr Goody- Read my Letter

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“I’ve never noticed it before,” said Obby, and I come this way to visit Mrs Sidebottom.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re speeding past on the scooter,” Cyril offered an explanation.

“I don’t speed, I keep within the speed limit.”

Cyril looked at his friend and said, “It’s not the same speed limited as a motor car- it’s a mobility scooter!”

“It has a motor and it’s my car- motor car.” Obby explained to Cyril.

Cyril corrected him, “Battery- mobility scooter -not yours.”

“Help me push the door,” said Obby.

“Push, not pull,” can’t you read the sign, said Obby.

“If you are going to be horrible I am not going help you,” Cyril told him.

“I’m sorry,” said Obby.

They had to use all their might to push open the big wooden door.

They entered into a hall that was dark and scary.

“I don’t like it here,” said Cyril.

“Don’t worry Cyril, I will look after you.”

Just as they were about to walk down a long passage they heard a voice,”Can I help you?”

Obby and Cyril both jumped with fright. Cyril landed on Obby’s foot.

“OW get off my foot,” Obby said.

They turned around and saw a shadow of an old lady walking towards them stooped over a walking stick.

“Can I help you,” she repeated, in a croaky voice.

“We would like to speak to Mr Goody,” Obby tried not to sound scared.

“He’s not here,” said the old lady.”He’s out delivering letters.”

“That’s why we are here, it’s about a letter,” Obby pulled out the crumpled letter from his pocket.

The old lady read the letter,sighed and said,”Follow me.”

They followed her down a long passage and into another room. On a desk was a big book named, Mr Goody’s Book of  Misdemeanours.

The old lady sat on a chair and paged through the book and scrolled down all the names until she found Obby’s.Then she opened a drawer,took out a letter and gave it to him.

“That’s the second letter I’ve received in two days,” he said, pleased with himself.

Cyril looked at his friend, “Your second OFFICIAL letter,”he said.

Obby opened it immediately.

It read,

Dear Mr Obby Klein,

I see you have found the Office of Misdemeanours.

I am unable to meet with you because I am a very busy man. I’m sure you appreciate that there are lots of misdemeanours happening in our town and I have lots of letters to deliver.

I trust you have stopped using the mobility scooter.

‘Oh no thought Obby,  perhaps they should have walked here.’

Please make an appointment if you wish to speak to me. Ask Mrs Goody, to check my diary.


Mr Goody.


“Are you Mrs Goody?” Obby asked her.

She nodded.

“Mrs Goody,”he said,”Please, may I have a pen and paper so I can write a letter to Mr Goody.”

“What you going to write?” asked Cyril.

“Shhh,” Obby said, “I need to concentrate.”

He wrote:

Dear Mr Goody,

I will stop using the mobility scooter as soon as I’m finished using it. I need to use it more now because Cyril stood on my foot because your wife scared him  and now I can’t walk properly.


Obby Klein


He gave  the letter to Mrs Goody and wished her good day.

Obby and Cyril walked as fast as they could to the scooter parked outside. They were happy to be out of there!

“I thought you had a sore foot,”Cyril said to Obby with a cheeky grin, as they sped off.

Later that day, after Obby had been swimming in the mountain pool, Cyril said to him; “Aren’t you scared you will get another Official Letter from Mr Goody, telling you to stop using the scooter for your own means of transport.”

“No,”said Obby, “Its his wife’s fault that I am FORCED to use it- look at my swollen toes. If she didn’t make you jump with fright you wouldn’t have landed on my foot,”

Cyril looked at Obby’s toes. He was wiggling them just fine.

“How come Mr Goody knew that we would go to his office, and there was a letter ready for you?”Cyril asked him.

“I was thinking the same,”said Obby, “I never told anyone, I only tweeted it.”


































































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