Goody- I got the Letter


“Obby Klein,” he whispered over and over again, as he looked at his name on the envelope.

“Obby why you talking to yourself?” Cyril asked, coming up behind him.

“Look.” Obby showed him the envelope. “I have a surname.”

“Obby Klein” Cyril read out aloud, ” I didn’t know you had a surname.”

“Neither did I,” replied Obby with a big smile.

“Congratulations, Mr Klein,” Cyril teased.

“Thank you, Mr Macdassie,” replied Obby.

Upon further inspection, Obby noticed that there wasn’t a stamp on it. So it must have been hand-delivered he told Cyril, upon which Cyril replied, telling him that even with a stamp, it would’ve been delivered by hand.

“I wonder who delivered it?” Obby said.

“Open it,”said Cyril.

“Maybe they’re watching,” Obby turned around to make sure they’re weren’t hiding  nearby.

Cyril was getting impatient with him.

“Just open it, or give it to me and I will open it.”

“No-me.” Obby said and tore open the envelope.

“Read it aloud,”Cyril said.


Dear Mr Obby Klein,

It has been brought to my attention that you have been seen on numerous occasions speeding on a mobility scooter in and around town.

The intended use of a mobility scooter is for someone who is unable to walk due to ill health or disability.

I am of the opinion that you are in fine health, based on sightings of you:




Shark cage diving

Mountain biking

Playing golf


On behalf of the local authorities, I would like you to refrain from using this scooter as your personal means of transport with immediate effect.


Mr Goody

Chief Complaints Officer of All Misdemeanours


Obby put the letter down, and shook his head,” That information is not right, I do far more than what he’s listed.”

Cyril was wide eyed. “I don’t think that is the point of the letter.”

“I bet it was Marmalade who reported me,” he said, after some thought.

“Marmalade isn’t like that,” Cyril defended her, ” She’s just a misunderstood cat who doesn’t like you very much, but she’s not mean.”

“Maybe it was Gugu, that’s just the thing she would do, Miss Goody Goody, I know everything  Two Shoes.”

“No,” said Cyril, ” Gugu would have told you that she was going to report you, and don’t call people names Obby, its not nice.”

“It couldn’t have been Thabo, Sa’ood or Toby because we’ve have made a pact not to tell on each other – we’re  like blood brothers.

“I think there’s a bigger question here,” said Cyril, the voice of reason.

“What’s that?”

“I think we should find out, Who is Mr Goody?” said Cyril.

“Good idea,” said Obby.