Marmite and Marmalade


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Obby lay on his stomach dangling the fishing line in the water. He liked the feel of the warm concrete against his skin, it made him feel nice and sleepy.

“Hello” said Cyril.

Obby got a fright.

“Were you sleeping?” asked Cyril.

“No, I wasn’t,” he replied, trying not to yawn.

“Where’ve you been?”

Obby could see that his friend was uncomfortable with the question, he was hopping from one paw to the other.

“So where you been?” Obby asked again.

“It was Marmalade’s birthday and she invited  me to her party.”

“I’m  glad you went even if I wasn’t invited. I know Marmalade hasn’t forgiven me for taking short- cuts across her garden in the buggy and ruining the plants.”

“Did Marmalade get lots of presents?” Obby asked.

“Not really.”

“What did you get her?”

“I got her two marshmallow mouses.”

“Mice” Obby corrected him.

“Why two?”

“One  white from me and a yellow one from you.”

“But she doesn’t even like me” Obby said.

“I’m  working on that, that’s why I said one was from you,” Cyril told him.

“And what did she say when you gave her the ‘one from me’?”

“Nothing, she bit its head off,” Cyril said.

“That wasn’t very nice,” Obby replied.

Obby asked who else was at the party and Cyril said it was only him and Gugu.

“What present did she give Marmalade?”

“Marmite,” replied Cyril.

” Yuk, I don’t like marmite.”

“Well I do,”replied Cyril.

Chapter Two

On his way home, Obby decided to go past Marmalade’s house and wish her Happy Birthday.

She wasn’t sitting on the wall like she usually did, so he climbed over to look for her. And there under the shade of the tree was  Marmalade , fast asleep, and curled up beside her, was the cutest little black kitten he had ever seen. So that was Marmite!

Before tip toeing away, he left the three fish he had caught, and scribbled on a leaf,

‘Happy Birthday Marmalade’

The End













2 thoughts on “Marmite and Marmalade

  1. What a lovely light story from this writer. This writer always brings a smile to my heart.
    Even though Marmalade does not like Obby because of what he did to her plants, he still left her a little present. I think deep down she does like him when he is not up to mischeif. 🙂

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