Happy Africa Day

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‘Happy Africa Day,’ Obby greeted Cyril.

‘ Happy Africa Day to you too.’

After a long pause, Cyril asked Obby a question, ‘ Are you really African Obby?’

Obby looked at Cyril with surprise.

‘Why are you asking such a question?’

‘Because you told me that your ma and pa arrived  in Hermanus on a whales tail, from a place far far away.’ Cyril said.

‘So?’ said Obby.

‘I know my roots are African because dassies are related to the African Elephant,’ Cyril tried to explain. ‘And I was only asking because your roots are far far away.’

‘My roots are African. I have Africa between my toes. Look.’

Obby showed his dirty feet to Cyril.

‘And,’ Obby said, standing tall…

My first breath  was the African air

My first sight was the African sky

My first step was on the African soil

I am African

Obby spoke with pride.

‘You are African,’ Cyril clapped excitedly.



  1. Happy Africa day 🌞 What a wonderful light story and Obby saying with passion how he feels about his country. It has brought a warmth to my heart and a smile to my face😊

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