One of those Days

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It was one of those days. Everyone was busy doing something. Obby sat thinking about the somethings that everyone was busy doing.

This is what they were all doing…

Mrs Sidebottom…

She was going with the botanical society to Harold Porter in Betty’s Bay. Obby imagined Harold must have a big garden because there was a lot of them in the minibus-he hoped the mini bus wasn’t overloaded as that would be illegal. ‘I wonder,‘ he thought to himself, ‘ If all  of them would be arrested or just the driver. I would have to go and visit her in jail and take her knitting otherwise she would be very bored,or  maybe it would be better to take a book about plants.’ Anyway he didn’t want to think about that anymore. He was sure they were all very responsible people.


His cricket mad friend was, you guest it…was playing cricket. He played cricket everyday,  except on the days when he had to go to lessons at the mosque.

When his ouma had asked the imam how he was doing with the lessons, the imam assured her that he was top of the class for daydreaming,no doubt about cricket, and added he was an excellent time keeper and did the countdown from the last six minutes using hand signals just like an umpire until he was run out.


He was sort of playing football. He was a goal keeper He got a bit lonely standing there on his own, but his mother, had told him that he must never take his eye off the ball even if the ball was nowhere near him,which was mostly the case because the other teams weren’t very good.She came to watch most of his games,  proudly watching her son,as he kept his eye on the ball-even if it was only in the distance.

Toby and Ollie…

They were out walking with Uncle Yitzhak, who was getting to the age where he was repeating himself. But Toby being the kind, gentle patient boy he was, would listen as if it was the first time he had heard that story. On the otherhand,Ollie just lay on the ground and had a quick nap.

Big Al…

And as for Big Al, he was out with his troop trooping around, glaring his teeth, spinning his eyeballs and telling all the other baboons he was the Big Cheese-despite being lactose intolerant.  Obby had suggested he should rather refer to himself as the BIG Chief, but Big Al didn’t get it.


He was spending the day with his dad. His dad had committed to spending more time with his son, and be more involved in Cyril’s interests. So today, Cyril wanted to show his dad some artwork done by the local artists. Apparently, his dad was a bit nervous because all this ‘art stuff’ was new to him and he felt a bit foolish, but nevertheless he would put his best paw forward for his boy’s sake.


And then there was Gugu.She wasn’t doing anything either, so Obby asked her if she would like to go fishing with him and she said, ‘No’. When he asked her why, she replied,’ I don’t have to give you a reason, no means no.’ He liked Gugu-she spoke her mind,

‘ A little too much,’ her mother had complained.

So today was just one of those days ,where everyone was busy. And he would keep himself busy too.






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  1. Again what a wonderful story by this writer. Just one of those days when everyone gets on with what they are doing. Big Al makes me chuckle especially as he is glucose intolerant 🙂 . Again another story to brighten the day.

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