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Sometimes we all need a little stillness in our lives. That is what Mrs Sidebottom had told him. And today was one of those days where he felt he needed to make time for stillness.
He sat outside his cave, high  in the mountains where he could see the sea in the distance. He listened to the  birds and insects making their sounds. The leaves rustling in the slightest of breeze. He looked at the wonderful hand of nature and all her creations.

His thoughts lead him to thinking about his mother, father and little sister. How loving and kind they were.He missed them and his little sister who was more mischievous than him ( hard to believe I know).

He doesn’t like to think of the bush fire that separated them and made them run in a different direction.
He survived. And deep down in his heart he believes they did too.

He knew he was different. They had explained this to him when he was little. They told him he was a descendant from a mountain clan and that his ancestors were little in stature but big of heart.  They also told him that there weren’t many of his clan left and of the ones  left none were in Africa. He asked his father how they arrived in Hermanus and his father smiled and said, ‘ On a whales tail’. His father gave him his necklace, a small whales tail made out of clay. His most precious object in the world.

His father had also told him that life takes on many adventures -some further than others. Some good, some not so good. But all have a lesson in them which you might only understand later.

He wondered where his next adventure would take him. Would it be close to home or far away?  As he looked out into the distance he saw a huge southern right whale breach and heard his named being called.

The End.



  1. Dear Meghan,

    Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and finding the time to read the stories.Your comment about the stories being shorter was very helpful as I grappled with this.

    Thanks again. Robyn

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  2. I have not visited for a while and have missed out on so much! I love the fact that the stories are shorter as I can dip into them when I have a moment to spare … I really love the characters and enjoy reading about their adventures and watching them evolve. Keep it up 😃

  3. I believe that everyone in the world should read the wonderful stories of RJ Rowe. We learn so much from them. “Stillness” is once again a thoroughly enjoyable read. 🙂

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