Gone Fishing

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Chapter One

‘Knock Knock,’ shouted Obby.

Toby opened the door.

‘I’ve told you to use your knuckles, you don’t have to shout.’

‘Next time.’ Obby replied with a big cheeky grin.

‘I’m going fishing and I was wondering if Ollie would like to come with me.’

Ollie was wagging his tail excitedly. He was always happy to see his little friend.

Toby knew that Ollie liked spending time with him and so agreed thinking that they would go to Obby’s favourite fishing place in the nearby little harbour.

Chapter Two

‘Climb on-board,’ Obby said to Ollie, who leaped into the little fishing boat. It was the first time he had been in a boat and he was enjoying the sea spray in his face as Obby was steering the boat at full speed over the waves as they headed out of the little harbour.

‘Hello,’ shouted Obby waving  from the boat at Cyril sitting on the rocks. Obby had turned off the boat’s engine and him and Ollie were bobbing up and down in the calm water.

‘What you doing?’ asked Cyril,who had climbed down the rocks so he could get closer to the boat.

‘I’m fishing,’ Obby said.

Ollie lazily watched Obby casting his fishing line into the water. The sun was making him sleepy.

Chapter Three

Toby was bored without Ollie and decided that he would go down to the little harbour and see if Obby had caught any fish.

When he got there they were nowhere in sight. He called their names.

He wondered where they had gone.And he was worried.

He asked an elderly fisherman if he had seen a little boy and a dog and the fisherman told him that he had seen a boy and a dog in a boat fishing near the rocks out of the harbour and he pointed in the direction.

Toby was very cross as he walked along the footpath to where the fisherman had pointed.

When he got to the rocks he looked down and saw Obby fishing quite happily and Ollie looking at him with eyes half closed.

He climbed down the rocks to get nearer them.

As Obby was about to caste his fishing line in again he saw Toby climbing down the rocks and knew he was going to be in trouble so he quickly turned on the engine and raced back towards the harbour.

Cyril was surprised that Obby just left without saying good-bye but soon realised when he heard footsteps behind him and saw Toby’s angry face.

‘Hello Cyril,’ said Toby.

‘Do you know where Obby and Ollie have gone?’ he asked.

Cyril didn’t know what to say.

‘I haven’t seen them,’ he told Toby.

‘But they were just here,’ Toby said.

‘I was sleeping so I don’t know,’ he answered.

He didn’t like not telling the truth but he didn’t want his friend to get into trouble either.

Chapter Four

Obby raced back to the little harbour and quickly he and Ollie walked to Toby’s house before he got there.

Uncle Yitzhak was home,’ Hello Obby’, he greeted him.

‘Hello Uncle Yitzhak,’ Obby said,’ I’m in a bit of a hurry so I can’t talk. I’ve bought Ollie home- all safe and sound,’ he told Uncle Yitzhak who was surprised that Obby was speaking so fast.

‘And I have three fish for you too,’ he said, handing the fish over to him.

‘Thank you my dear boy,’ Uncle Yitzhak said. ‘Nothing better than fresh fish,’ he added and patted Obby on the head.

‘I must be off,’ Obby said and hugged Ollie good-bye.

Chapter Five

Toby ran back to the harbour. When he got there he saw Obby’s boat tied up and him and Ollie were nowhere in sight.

He asked the elderly fisherman if he had seen the boy and the dog, and he told Toby that they walked off very fast and he pointed in the direction they had gone.

When Toby got home he was happy to see Ollie and Ollie was happy to see him. He knew Obby would be gone.

Uncle Yitzhak held up the three fish.





















  1. A wonderfully written story by R.J.Rowe, who has the ability to make all the stories interesting, educational and enjoyable. I could read them endlessly. 🙂

  2. Genuine, soft – hearted concern is displayed by the author in this wonderfully written story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 🙂

  3. I love this authors stories and there is always a moral, but discretely done. Obby is such a cheeky little boy he is an absolute joy and brings a smile to any face. I always look forward to more adventures 🙂

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