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Marmalade was an unusual  name for a cat that was white.

Obby knew that marmalade was a sort of orangey colour because Mrs Sibebottom liked marmalade on her toast. The jam that is and not the cat!  Marmalade is not really a jam it’s more of a jelly he thinks that is what Mrs Sidebottom told him.He liked jelly especially the red jelly with custard.

They say opposites attracts. He had heard that somewhere and he was sure that was the case with Marmalade and her owner who was a friendly lady called Prunella Smithens. She always greeted everyone with a big smile including Obby when she saw him taking a short cut through her garden. She would always ask him how he was and what he was up to- of course he never told her as all his adventures were top secret! Once he had driven across her garden on Mrs Sidebottom’s scooter because he was in a big hurry. Fortunately nobody saw him.

Marmalade  on the other hand was neither friendly nor sociable. When she wasn’t sitting on the garden wall she was sitting in the middle of the pavement where everyone would have to walk around her. And when Obby greeted her she would look at him up and down and would turn her back on him. Obby thought she had no manners. But as Mrs Sidebottom had told him once that sometimes you have to be the bigger person even if someone is rude to you and he thinks that maybe that applies to cats as well, so as the bigger person he greeted her despite her having no manners.

Chapter Two

Obby and Cyril were sitting on the rocks talking when Cyril called out, ” Hello Marmalade,” and Obby turned around to see her stretched out in the sun. She greeted Cyril with a Hi Five  and when Obby greeted her she ignored him, as usual.

” That cat has no manners,” Obby said to Cyril,” She never greets me and she sits in the middle of the pavement and everyone has to walk around her.

Cyril looked at Obby, ” Maybe there is more than meets the eye.”

“What do you mean by that?”asked Obby.

” Maybe she thinks you have no manners for taking a short cut through her garden, especially when you were on Mrs Sidebottom’s scooter and  rode over all the plants,”Cyril told him.

“But nobody saw that,”Obby said.

“But you still ruined some plants that didn’t belong to you,” Cyril told him in a soft but firm way ,” And maybe  you should  look at the pavement when she is not sitting there because you may notice that there is a big hole and many people have twisted their ankels by stepping in it,”Cyril said.

Obby looked over at Marmalade and thought to himself that maybe he wasn’t the bigger person after all. He only saw what he wanted to see.

Marmalade was a good cat . And he needed to work on his manners.


  1. The author has a wonderful gift to make all the Obby stories very special. The same applies to “Marmalade”. It teaches us to look at ourselves first, before we judge others. A good read. 🙂

  2. I love reading the stories on ” The curious world of Obby”. “Marmalade” is no exception. An enjoyable and easy read with a very important message. We should all have manners. The story is so good! 🙂

  3. What a delightful and meaningful story as usual. Manners are very important and there are no excuses not to have them. Again the author has highlight something that is very important in life 😊

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