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Cyril was not in a good mood. In fact he was in a bad mood.

“Why are you in a bad mood?” Obby asked.

“Its all the politics going on”, Cyril replied.

Obby remembered that it was coming up to election time for the dassies. They had their elections every three years.

“Everyone is talking politics everywhere I go.I can’t even just sun myself in peace anymore”,he complained,”Asking questions like are you on the left ,right or middle centre? I’m so confused”.

“So what are the parties mangofestivals,”Obby asked sounding like he knew all about politics. He had overheard Mrs Sidebottom talking about politics so he felt informed enough to ask questions.

“What is a mangofestival?” Cyril asked.

“Its like a party plan.What they going to do for the voters.”

Cyril thought that Obby was  very clever and he knew everything about most topics.

” The mangofestival of the Dassies National Party is Hermanus for Hermanus. Self interest and protection of all Dassies born here. Outsiders will need to approach the  party leaders for reasons why they want to move here and to prove that they will not be a burden on the locals  and they must be fluent in HDD.”

“HDD?” asked Obby.

“Hermanus  Dassies Dialect.”

“That will be hard to learn if you’ve never lived here,”said Obby.

“Who is the party leader?”

“Its Mr Pratt,”said Cyril.

Obby knew Mr Pratt. He was not very friendly. In fact he was rather unfriendly.

“And the other parties,” asked Obby.

“There is the DDM (Dassies Democratic  Movement) and they are all about free movement of Dassies and welcome all dassies.”

“That sounds like a good party,” Obby said.

“But the Dassies are worried that they will all come here and take over and set up home on all the prime rocks, eat our food and steal the hearts of our young maiden dassies.”

“And who is the leader of that party?” Obby asked.

“It’s Mrs Dashing”.

He liked Mrs Dashing. She was always dashing here and there, like she had drunk too much coffe.

” And there is the DGP- Dassies Green Party, and their mangofestival is Going Green and that we should get out the bins and off fast foods and back to greens”.

Cyril didn’t sound too keen on this party. Obby knew he liked fast food and it was showing on Cyril’s waist line.

” And the party leader is Mr Dilly”, Cyril told Obby.

Obby knew Mr Dilly. He was always hopping and bopping along the cliff path or doing push ups on the rocks. Especially in front of the ladies.

” And the last party is DFP- Dassies Freedom Party. Their mangofestival says that they want to nationalize all the rocks in Gearings Point as they have been stolen by the artists who put their art on it”.

“And their leader is who,” Obby asked.

” It’s Mr Serious,” Cyril replied.

Obby knew Mr Serious, he said there was no time for jokes.

” And to make matters worse,” Cyril said, “Mom  and dad are going to vote for different parties. So they are always arguing at home. Mom says dad is an old Dassie Duddy as he likes Mr Pratt’s Party. And mom says she is voting for The DDM and dad says her liberal ideas will get Davina’s heart broken when a foreigner steals her heart. And she says that dads hairstyle is looking more like Mr Pratt’s with his combover.

Cyril carried on complaining, ” And when Mr Dilly comes to visit mom and dad tell us to be quiet and pretend we aren’t in. And poor Alfie is still a baby and to keep him quite we have to give him a chicken drumstick to chew on. If only Mr Dilly knew!” Cyril said.

” It all sounds very complicated,” Obby said  feeling sorry for his friend who seemed completely overwhelmed.

” You mustn’t let politics get you down. They’re all on the gravy train, making false promises, feathering their own pockets, or  furrying their own pockets, jobs for pals and tender – trop – in ears, with friends with deep pockets in foreign countries ,” Obby said.

He spoke with confidence on such matters. He had heard Mrs Sidebottom use words like this when talking politics.

Cyril felt much better listening to Obbys wise words.

” I think I will start a party, called LETSNOTBEBOTHERED- LNBB and hopped into the nearest bin looking for something tasty.

Cyril was in a good mood.




  1. A serious yet funny story about the politics of the of the dassie’s in Hermanus. Cyril is so confused and Obby puts his mind at ease in the end. 🙂

  2. The storyline is really sweet and educational at the same time. Politics is an important subject to our daily lives. I enjoyed reading the story from start to finish. 🙂

  3. Again this author always makes me chuckle and how you have summed up the politics of this world truly made me laugh another inspiring story. The LNBB party sounds the best to me 😊

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