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Chapter One

‘Hello Sa’ood,’ said Obby.

‘Hello Obby,’ said Sa’ood.

‘Why you not playing cricket today?’

‘I don’t feel like it,’ he said.

‘Are you sick?’ Obby asked.

‘No, I’m just cross,’ he said.


‘Because the teacher made me class room helper for the whole term. Nobody volunteered  except Gugu-she volunteers for everything!Her hand is anyways in the air,’ Sa’ood complained.

‘So why didn’t the teacher chose Gugu?’ asked Obby.

‘She did and me too,’ he said, ‘Teacher said she needed two class room helpers’.

‘It sounds like an important job,’Obby said. ‘ So what is the problem?’

‘It’s Gugu, she’s very bossy and she takes her duties very seriously.’ Sa’ood said.

‘Sounds like she will be a good helper,’ Obby told him.

‘When the teacher told us what we must do as class room helpers she wrote every thing down -word for word,’ he said.

‘And did you write down anything?’ Obby asked.

‘No, I didn’t need to because Gugu was taking notes,’Sa’ood replied.

‘If Gugu wasn’t making notes would you have remembered what the teacher said?’

‘Yes, some of the stuff’.

‘So what does a class room helper do?’Obby asked Sa’ood.

‘We have to make sure that blackboard is clean, and there is enough chalk. We help the teacher hand out stuff and collect stuff. I can’t remember it all’.

‘Maybe you should have taken notes then’, Obby teased.


Chapter Two

‘Hello Sa’ood, why you not playing cricket again?’ Obby asked.

‘It’s Gugu,she is driving me crazy.’

‘Whats she done now?’

‘She’s drawn up a list of duties for me’.

Sa’ood handed  Obby the list.

It read:

Sa’ood’s duties(in bold)

Before Class:

-to open the windows every morning for fresh air.

-make sure all the desks and chairs are in a straight row.

-all school bags to be hanging up on the bag hooks.

blackboard is clean and there is enough chalk.

During Class:

– help teacher hand out notes or collect home work books.

Lunch Break:

-make sure every learner in the class has something to eat.

Home time:

-make sure learners packs their things away.

Obby read the list. He was very impressed how Gugu was so organised.

‘I think it’s an excellent list’, Obby told Sa’ood.

Sa’ood was hearing none of that.

‘I think it’s a long list with lots of things to do AND I bet you my list is longer than hers and I’m doing MOST of the work’, Sa’ood said.’I’m not falling for her tricks and I am going to ask her to swap lists-see if she likes that.’

‘Maybe you should talk to Gugu first and tell her how you feel and draw up a list  together.’ Obby suggested.

‘No, I don’t want to talk to her- girls like to think they are cleverer than boys so I’m going to ask to swap lists,’ Sa’ood said sounding very happy with his plan.

Chapter Three

‘Hello Sa’ood  how was your day at school?’ Obby asked.

‘It was terrible.’

‘Why?’Obby asked.

‘I told Gugu I wanted to swap lists and so she did,’he said.

‘That’s what you wanted,’ Obby reminded him.

‘Have a look at the list of what my duties are now’, and gave the list to Obby.

Gugu’s duties(in bold)

-make sure teacher has a fresh jug of water on her desk.

-dust bookshelf.

-write a positive (feel good) message everyday and pin on board.

-pick flowers for the vase so the class room looks pretty.

During class:

– help teacher with handing out or collecting books or homework.

Lunch break:

Go to the kitchen and make sandwiches for learners who don’t have something to eat.

 Home Time: 

Make sure the windows are closed and the class room looks neat.

Obby read the list, ‘ Gugu’s list was longer than yours,’ he told Sa’ood.

Sa’ood was hearing none of that.

‘Do you know how silly I felt arranging flowers and dusting while Gugu was moving desks and opening windows, and then at lunchtime she gives me a list of who must get sandwiches and I must go and make them. Alroy says he is going to bring me his ouma’s apron and all my friends are teasing me,’ he said.

‘ Why don’t you speak to Gugu and ask if you and her can share both lists?’ Obby suggested.

‘I told her I wanted my  list back and she said NO.’

‘Maybe you  could tell Gugu how you feel?’Obby suggested again.

‘No, she tricked me because she knew I would ask to swap lists,’ Sa’ood told Obby.

‘Gugu must be very clever if she can read your mind,’ Obby said.

‘She thinks she is clever but I am going to show her that I can do anything-so I am going to go to the library to use the internet and get the BEST positive messages to put on the board and I am going to ask my ouma to help me pick the prettiest flowers in her garden,’Sa’ood said, ‘and I’m going to make the tastiest sandwiches too’.

‘I think that is an excellent plan,’ Obby said,’ Just do your best.’






















  1. Sometimes we have to believe our friends when they share things with us. In this story Sa’ood did not believe Gugu and he ended up with more school duties! 🙂 A lovely read.

  2. I just love this author, it brings a smile and chuckle to me with every new story. There is always a moral in these stories which I love. They are sensitive and to the point but in a caring way 😊. I cannot wait for the next story 😊

  3. The story kept me guessing until the end, wondering what Sa’ood will do do with all his school chores. He soon learns that you can only “Do your Best.”. A lesson we all have to learn. 🙂

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