Boat to Nowhere

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cartoon pirate: Pirate ship vector illustration

‘Hello Toby,I’ve just come to say good-bye. I am going on holiday’, Obby said.

‘Holiday’? said Toby.

‘Yes, holiday’, Obby replied.

‘Where you going’? Toby asked him.

‘I’m going to England’.

‘England’? Toby repeated.

Ollie sighed. He wished his owner would stop repeating words.

‘Rudy and Bobby Bear have told me that I am welcome to visit them anytime’.

‘Anytime?’ Toby repeated.

Ollie sighed again-this time louder.

‘As a young man that likes to travel I thought now would be a perfect time’,Obby said.

Toby looked at Obby in total amazement.

‘Please tell me exactly where you have travelled’? he asked Obby.

‘I don’t want to brag BUT I have been as far as  Bettys Bay’.

‘Bettys Bay’, Toby repeated.

‘Oh no here we go again’. Ollie thought

‘You do know it is a country and not a place’? said Toby.’You have a map?

‘I don’t need one’, Obby said.

Toby was at loss for words.

‘Who else knows you are going’?

‘Sa’ood, Thabo and Cyril’.

‘And Mrs Sidebottom’?Toby asked.

‘I told her I was going on holiday to some friends and she told me to enjoy myself and gave me some holiday money’.

‘Rands’? asked Toby.

‘Yes rands’,Obby said.

‘They don’t take rands in England’,Toby told him.

‘Yes they do-they take it from you and turn it into coins with the queens face on it’,Obby said.

Toby shook his head.He knew his friend well enough to know that Obby had already made up his mind.


Chapter Two

Obby knew that Uncle Aggie was going to Cape Town on a fishing trip so he asked him if he could catch a ride on his boat.He liked Uncle Aggie because he never asked questions and only spoke about fish,boats and the weather.

Obby loved the sea. Uncle Aggie told him that he had the spirit of a sailor and that is why he loved the ocean so much.

‘That’s a big flat rock’, Obby said to Uncle Aggie as they entered Cape Town Harbour.

Uncle Aggie laughed,’ It’s Table Mountain’, he told Obby.

‘Well I prefer our mountains’, he said proudly, ‘Ours don’t take up the whole place’.

Uncle Aggie smiled at the boy.

Obby looked around at all the boats. He had never seen so many before.

I wonder‘, he thought to himself, ‘Which ones are going to England’?- and then he spotted the perfect one- the pirate ship.’That is definitely going to England‘.

‘One ticket please’, he said to the man selling tickets.

‘Hello little fella’, he said to Obby, ‘Where you from’?

‘I’m from Hermanus’, Obby said.

‘Hermanus’? said the man.

Obby wondered why people seemed to repeat everything he said.

‘Yes, Hermanus,may I please have one ticket’.

And with ticket in hand Obby boarded the pirate ship,found himself a comfortable seat on the open deck. England here I come!


Chapter Three

The  pirate shipped bobbed along. Everyone on board seemed happy. The captain was telling them all about the different ships in the harbour. It was all very interesting but Obby wished he could hurry up and hit the high seas.

And then to Obby’s amazement a huge ship came into sight.

‘And this’, said the captain,’Is a luxury cruise liner that is leaving for England in a few hours’.

Obby nearly fell off his seat.

‘Aren’t we going to England then’? Obby asked the captain.

Everyone laughed. They thought he was joking.

‘How much is a ticket’? someone asked.

‘ A lot more than what you paid for this harbour tour’, the captain said laughingly.

Obby took out the rands out of his pocket and counted them. He didn’t think he had enough.


Chapter Four

Obby watched as they loaded fresh fruit and vegetables onto the ship through a special entrance.A fork lift would drive right into the ship with all the supplies.Not a problem he thought to himself, I will hide among the cauliflowers and catch a ride.

As he lay there hidden amongst the vegetables looking up at the blue sky he had to admit he was having a fantastic holiday so far. He could hear the ship tooting its horn and see white smoke coming out the funnel.

He lay there wondering why the fork lift driver was taking so long. And then he heard a man talking to a lady and he looked to see what was going on, and to his absolute horror, he couldn’t believe it,it was Ma Miliswa walking towards the stacked vegetables.He lay completely still.

The man was saying that they had ordered too many vegetables and that she was welcome to take 3o of everything for her community soup kitchen. Obby could hear that Ma Miliswa was so grateful, she kept thanking the man and saying that not one carrot would go to waste.Obby knew she was telling the truth.

Obby lay as still as he could. He could hear her counting. He squashed his face up as much as possible so he could look like a cauliflower,  a little brown one. He could hear her counting …26, 27, 28, 29… Obby’s heart was beating very fast.And then she stopped. ‘Phew‘, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The man helped her load the vegetables into the van.

‘You need one more cauliflower the man told her.

‘Yes, she said, the last one can walk on his own to the van because if he doesn’t he is going to be in BIG trouble.






















  1. I loved reading “Boat to Nowhere”. It’s exciting and funny too. 🙂 Thanks to the author for sharing these imaginative stories. They are very enjoyable to read.

  2. Obby has big dreams, which leads him into so many adventures and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. The ending made me laugh. 🙂

  3. Again a wonderful story, this author always brings a smile to my face. Obby is such a wonderful character always full of cheer 😊

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