Izzy Biggins is in Town

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Chapter One

It was the school holidays,which meant that Izzy Biggins was in town.Him and all his things. Nobody could say he travelled lightly.

He brought his brand new bicycle,his fishing rod,his cricket bat,his goggles,snorkel and flippers.

It was Obby’s favourite time of year where him and his friends got together every day and  would take it in turns to decide what they wanted to do that day.

Thabo loved fishing, so on his day they would all ride their bikes to the harbour and fish off the rocks and swim when they got hot.

Sa’ood loved cricket, so they would  cycle to the sports field and play 50 0vers. Sa’ ood was always the batsman!

Toby loved walking and hiking.So they would cycle to the places he wanted to walk.They never understood why they had to get off their bikes and walk.But it was Toby’s day.

Obby loved swimming so they went to the tidal pool on his day,where he would swim underwater like a fish.

Also, Cyril sat on the rocks nearby and he didn’t want his four legged furry friend to feel left out.

And then there was Ollie. Toby’s dog who didn’t mind what they did.

Everyday they had so much fun…until Izzy Biggins turned up.


Chaper Two

Izzy Biggins would turn up uninvited wherever they were.He would race passed them on his bicycle, shouting and ringing his bell for them to get out of his way. On fishing days he would come with his big fishing rod and laugh at them with just their line, hook and bait.

On cricket day he would stand next to Sa’ood and run in front to hit the ball because Sa’ood had a ‘stupid’ bat.

On swimming day he would put on his goggles,snorkel and flippers and chase all the fish away.

Obby complained to Cyril about Izzy.

‘Perhaps he is looking for friends’, Cyril said.

‘I don’t think he is going to make friends by being so mean’, Obby said, ‘And we never say means things back’.

‘That’s good’, Cyril said.


Chapter Three

The boys have a plan.They are going to change their plan,so Izzy Biggins won’t know what they are doing and where they are going. He wont be able to find them.

They all decide to meet at Thabo’s house the next day to play computer games. Thabo tells them his mother will be at work so it will be safe.

The next morning, Thabo is waiting for his mother to go to work only to discover she has taken the day off.Before he could warn the others they all arrived at his house to be greeted by Ma Miliswa.

‘Good morning, young men’, she greets them.

Thabo is standing behind her mouthing to them, ‘I am S O R R Y’, and the boys are all looking past her at him,she turns around and says to him, ‘Are you all up to mischief’?

Thabo says ‘No ma, we are just thinking what to do today’.

And with that Miliswa had a plan.Her garage needed to be tidied.

They all sighed ( silently) they knew better than to argue with her. At least they had escaped Izzy Biggins for the day.


Chapter Four

Izzy Biggins went racing around on his bicycle, looking everywhere for them.He eventually got off his bike and sat by the tidal pool, watching everyone playing and enjoying themselves.

Miliswa loved swimming so she left the boys clearing the garage under the watchful eye of her elderly neighbour, and went to the tidal pool.

After her lovely swim she saw a boy sitting all alone on the rocks next to his bicycle.

‘Hello’, she said.

‘Hello’, he replied.

She could see that he looked sad and lonely and said to him,’ Where are your friends’?

‘I dunno’, he said,’ I think they are hiding from me’.

‘That’s not nice at all,maybe you need some new friends’,she said.

She asks him where he is staying and he tells her with his granny and as it happens Miliswa knows his granny. She phones her and tell her that she is taking Izzy to meet Thabo and his friends.


Chapter Five

They are all sitting on the garden wall having a cold drink and telling jokes when they see Ma Miliswa walking down the road with no other than Izzy Biggins.

‘Hello boys, why are you all sitting here with your mouths open’? she asks,’Anyway never mind that. I would like you all to meet Izzy, Izzy Biggins. Say hello to him’, she tells them.

‘Hello Izzy’, they all say together sounding like a choir.

‘I want you all to me nice to him and I hope you all become friends’.

The next day ,Cyril was sitting in his usual spot when all of them went waving past him on their bicycles, including Izzy. ‘Sometimes,we don’t know how to make friends so we pretend we don’t need them.Nothing replaces friendship,even the newest,biggest,fastest bicycle’,he thought to himself.













  1. This is a story about finding one’s place in the world. ” Izzy Biggins is in town”, teaches us about the importance of having friends. I loved the story! 🙂

  2. In this story the author has a vision of friendship “togertheness.” When “Izzy Biggins comes to town”, he soon learns that toys are nothing without true friends. I loved the happy ending. 🙂

  3. I love this authors work, a nice simple story with humour and a message at the end. There is always a little moral which is nice 😊

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