Call me Big AL

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Chapter One

Obby could hear Big Al calling him.It was early and he was still in bed.

‘Hang on I’m coming’, he shouts.

Big Al was waiting for him at the entrance to his cave.He was too big to go in.

‘Good morning Big Al,what’s up’?

‘I have a big problem. Can I tell you my problem?’

‘No problem said Obby, ‘Tell me your problem’.

Big Al was confused.

‘Go ahead tell me your problem’, Obby repeats.

‘I need teeth’.


‘Yes, I need teeth-big ones’.

‘What happened to your teeth’?

‘They fell out’.

‘How’? he asks.

‘I’ve got a sweet tooth’,he says, ‘And now I need new teeth’.

‘Can’t you just eat soft foods then’?

‘They’re not for eating, I need teeth to show the other baboons that I’m Big Al. Without teeth  I’m just Toothless Al’.

‘So you’re a biter’? Obby asks.

‘No I just show my teeth ,roll my eyeballs and they get the message to stay away’.

‘Hows the eyeballs’? Obby asks, now sounding like a doctor.

‘They’re fine, I just need teeth’.

‘So you keep saying’.

Obby is quite for awhile. He is thinking.

‘Come back later,’ he tells Big Al.

Chapter Two

‘Hello Cyril, I need your help’.

Cyril liked the sound of that. He was bored.

‘I need you to climb into the bin and look for bones’.

And with that Cyril climbed into the bin.

‘Hurry up Cyril, I haven’t got all day’, Obby was getting impatient.

He knew him well enough to know that Cyril was having his own little feast first.

At last Cyril collected enough bones.

‘Now we need cement’, he tells Cyril.

‘I know just the place to find some’,he tells Obby, and they go to the top of the hill where there is a house being built.

Chapter Three

Cyril watches Obby making moulds then pouring  the cement in before standing the bones in it.

‘Looks like Stoneledge’, Obby says.

‘What’s Stoneledge’? Cyril asks.

‘Its an ancient site. It is one of the wonder of the world’.

‘You are very clever Obby, you know so much’.

Obby loved compliments.And smiled.

‘When it is bone bone dry’, Obby laughs at his own joke-Cyril doesn’t get it,’ I want you to shape the bones into teeth-sharp teeth’.

Cyril gets to work when it is dry. Using his sharp teeth he shapes the bones into teeth with pointed fangs.

When he has finished, he admires his work.’It looks like a work of art’.

‘Like functional art’, Obby adds.

Chapter Four

Big Al was waiting for him. Obby gave him the teeth and he put them in his mouth straight away.

‘Do they make me look scary?’ he asks Obby.

‘Enough to make me want to run away and never come back’, Obby says.

With that Big Al walks down the mountain, turns and gives  a toothy grin.


















  1. Obby is always there to help. The author’s warmth shares with us a story filled with kindness. There is so much that we can learn from Obby. Loved reading this little story. 🙂

  2. When there is a problem, Obby’s friend’s know who to turn to. They know Obby will make a plan. They trust him completely. He is so kind and very clever. The story made me smile. 🙂

  3. Again the author comes back with a lovely story. Obby is so helpful to one and all. The authors sense of humour is wonderful and a baboon asking for teeth is so special and makes one chuckle 😀

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