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It’s just after sunrise and the sky is still pinky orange and there is nobody about.Cyril is sitting on the rocks looking out across Walker Bay, the bay is still.He is lost in thought.

So when Obby comes bounding up behind him and says ‘Good Morning,’ he is startled.

‘Sorry Cyril I never meant to scare you.’

‘Good morning Obby’.

‘You look kind of sad, is everything alright?’ Obby sounds concerned.

‘It’s just stuff happening at home,’ he answers’, Anyway where have you been for these past few days-I’ve been missing you’?

‘I’ve been with Toby  helping him on his project, he wants to get most of it done before school starts’, Obby tells him.

‘What’s the project then?’ Cyril asks, now getting curious.

‘He is building a drone’.

‘He is very clever’, Cyril says, ‘And to think he isn’t even at high school yet. I wonder if he’s mother and father were very clever?’

‘ He told me that both his mother and father were teachers at the village school’, Obby says.

‘Maybe that is why he is so clever then’, Cyril replies, ‘Maybe it’s in the jeans’.

‘Maybe’, Obby says before adding’, I wonder if they are high rise, low rise or regular’? Obby tries to make his friend smile.

But Cyril doesn’t smile.

‘I wish my ma and pa showed some interest when I talk about fashion and art and how I would love to be a designer,but instead they say things like, ‘Cyril, you are a dassie and folk like us don’t have such grand ideas. And then when I think of Toby and what he has gone through, leaving his country, losing his mother and father, finding himself in South Africa, being teased at school for being a refugee and now look at him, building a drone. I really shouldn’t complain’.

‘It’s OK to feel like you do,and you are just telling me how you feel,’ Obby reassures him.

‘So why is he building a drone?’

‘ Because he wants to send books to me when I’m at home in the mountains. He says that ‘knowledge is power’. And that I must read more.

‘But you are the cleverest person I know ,’ Cyril praises him.

‘Thank you,’ Obby beams,’ Mrs Sidebottom thinks so too’.

‘So my friend you want to tell me what is going on at home’, he asks Cyril in a caring tone.

‘It’s my sister Angelique’, he says.

‘Ma and pa don’t like her new friends they think they are a bad influence over her, and pa caught her and her friends at Voelklip Beach, sitting on the grass and sharing a cigarette,when she was supposed to be looking after Alfie. And poor Alfie was left alone at Kammabaai, on a rock and she told him to count how many whales he could see. But we all know that the whales have migrated already and poor Alfie sat there until he got hungry and walked to the bins in the car park when a big 4×4 nearly ran him over and he fainted. And when pa found him he was out cold’.

‘Is Alfie better now’? Obby asks.

‘Yes, after ma gave him some aloe juice’, he answers, before continuing.

‘Now Angelique wants to change schools because her friends go to Hyrax High, and pa says, ‘No’, she has to stay at Rocks High, and then she says that she won’t go to school then, and ma then says to pa that maybe Angelique could change school even though it means travelling a bit further. But pa won’t hear any of it and then him and ma end up arguing and Alfie gets upsets and wets himself.So that is why I am siting here to get some peace,’ Cyril says with tears in his eyes.

Obby doesn’t like to see his friend like this.He doesn’t say anything.Sometimes you just need a friend to listen.

The End.

Kammabaai is popular among families with small children, a cosy and intimate beach yet only suitable for swimming at low tide. Ablution facilities are basic however Voëlklip beach is just a 2-minute walk along the cliff path. Ample parking is available.


Hermanus in South Africa is the Land Based Whale Watching capital of the world and every whale watching trip is a unique experience where the sightings vary.  Southern Right Whales are the stars of the show during the annual mating in calving season, which starts with the arrival of the bulls in June, closely followed by the females.  They will mate during their sojourn in the South African Cape Coastal waters. Pregnant female Southern Right Whales will be the last to arrive and the last to leave with their new born calves. Only when the calves are fit enough will they swim back to the Antarctic waters where she and the calf will feed on krill, a nutritious rice grain size crustacean. 

















  1. A lovely story teaching us the meaning of true friendship. Obby is such a sincere and caring friend. In the world around us, all we sometimes need is “a bestie”.

  2. I love the picture and quote about true friendship at the beginning of this story. This gifted author displays both a sensitive, and humorous side to a wonderful little story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Friendship.”

  3. Once again this author shows their caring compassionate side, how important it is to listen. Again Obby’s humour about the jeans made me chuckle. I do love these short stories and how they incorporate about Hermanus too. Just wonderful 😊

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