Under the Rock

    “Cyril what you doing under that rock, I thought dassies liked the sun?”Gugu asked him. “I’m hiding from Izzy Biggins, he’s back in town.” “Well,” said Gugu, leaning forward with her hands on her hips, “If I was you and I’m not, because I’m NOT a dassie,  I wouldn’t hide from Izzy Biggins […]


Obby and Cyril sat on the whale’s tail bench and as usual Obby was doing most of the talking. He was talking about his trip; abroad, overseas, across the water, the other side of the world, across the deep dangerous water, somewhere beyond the horizon….he went on a bit. He spoke to Cyril like a man […]

The Obby Project- Year Two…Already!

Permission granted to use photos. The Obby Project, now in its second successful year- thanks to Faiza Jenneker / AKA “Aunty Obby”, whose dedication and determination drive this story telling project in The Overberg, South Africa. The commitment of the principles, teachers and staff know no limits when it comes to their young learners; they […]